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Vai, Steve -- 7th Song
Vai, Steve -- Alien Love Secrets (EP)
Vai, Steve -- Fire Garden
Vai, Steve -- Flex-Able
Vai, Steve -- Flex-Able Leftovers
Vai, Steve -- Modern Primitive
Vai, Steve -- Passion And Warfare
Vai, Steve -- Real Illusions: Reflections
Vai, Steve -- Sex & Religion
Vai, Steve -- Story Of Light, The
Vai, Steve -- Ultra Zone, The
Vai, Steve -- Where The Wild Things Are
Valente, Dino -- Dino Valente
Valentinos, The -- Do It Right
Valance, Holly -- Footprints
Valance, Holly -- State Of Mind
Van der Graaf Generator -- Do Not Disturb
Van der Graaf Generator -- Godbluff
Van der Graaf Generator -- Merlin Atmos
Van der Graaf Generator -- Pawn Hearts
Van der Graaf Generator -- Vital
Van Halen -- 1984
Van Halen -- 5150
Van Halen -- A Different Kind Of Truth
Van Halen -- Balance
Van Halen -- Best Of - Volume I
Van Halen -- Best Of Both Worlds, The
Van Halen -- Diver Down
Van Halen -- Fair Warning
Van Halen -- For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
Van Halen -- Live On Air
Van Halen -- Live Right Here, Right Now
Van Halen -- Love Walks In
Van Halen -- OU812
Van Halen -- Van Halen
Van Halen -- Van Halen II
Van Halen -- Van Halen III
Van Halen -- Women And Children First
Van Halen -- Zero (Gene Simmons Demos)
Van Zandt, Townes -- A Far Cry From Dead
Van Zandt, Townes -- Delta Momma Blues
Van Zandt, Townes -- Flyin' Shoes
Van Zandt, Townes -- For The Sake Of The Song
Van Zandt, Townes -- Late Great Townes Van Zandt, The
Van Zandt, Townes -- Our Mother The Mountain
Van Zandt, Townes -- Townes Van Zandt
Van Zant -- Brother to Brother
Van Zant -- Get Right With The Man
Van Zant -- My Kind Of Country
Van Zant -- Van Zant II
Vangelis -- Albedo 0.39
Vangelis -- Alexander OST
Vangelis -- Beauborg
Vangelis -- Best Of Vangelis, The
Vangelis -- Chariots Of Fire OST
Vangelis -- China
Vangelis -- Cosmos
Vangelis -- Direct
Vangelis -- Dragon, the
Vangelis -- Earth
Vangelis -- El Greco
Vangelis -- Fais Que Ton Reve Soit Plus Long Que La Nuit
Vangelis -- Heaven And Hell
Vangelis -- Hypothesis
Vangelis -- Ignacio
Vangelis -- Invisible Connections
Vangelis -- L'Apocalypse Des Animaux
Vangelis -- Mask
Vangelis -- Oceanic
Vangelis -- Opera Sauvage OST
Vangelis -- See You Later
Vangelis -- Soil Festivities
Vangelis -- Spiral
Vangelis -- Voices
Vangelis & Irene Paras -- Rapsodies
Vanilla Fudge -- Beat Goes On, The
Vanilla Fudge -- Near The Beginning
Vanilla Fudge -- Renaissance
Vanilla Fudge -- Rock & Roll
Vanilla Fudge -- Spirit Of '67
Vanilla Fudge -- Vanilla Fudge
Vanished, The -- Favorite Scar
Vaughan Brothers, The -- Family Style
Vaughan, Stevie Ray -- Couldn't Stand The Weather
Vaughan, Stevie Ray -- Fire Meets The Fury, The
Vaughan, Stevie Ray -- In Step
Vaughan, Stevie Ray -- In The Beginning
Vaughan, Stevie Ray -- King's Head, The
Vaughan, Stevie Ray -- Live Alive
Vaughan, Stevie Ray -- Sky Is Crying, The
Vaughan, Stevie Ray -- Soul To Soul
Vaughan, Stevie Ray -- Spectrum Philadelphia 23rd May 1988
Vaughan, Stevie Ray -- Texas Flood
Vaughan, Stevie Ray & Bonnie Raitt -- North Of The Great Divide
Vaughn, Ben -- Texas Road Trip
Velvet Fogg -- ...plus
Velvet Revolver -- Contraband
Velvet Revolver -- Libertad
Velvet Underground, The -- Velvet Underground And Nico, The
Venable Band, Ally -- No Glass Shoes
Venable, Ally -- Wise Man
Verheyen, Carl -- Essential Blues
Verity, John -- Blue To My Soul
Verity, John -- My Religion
Verity, John -- Tone Hound On The Last Train To Corona
Veronica Grim & The Heavy Hearts -- Revelator
Vertu -- Vertu
Verve, The -- Urban Hymns
Viking Truckers, The -- Rocking The Country
Village People -- Greatest Hits
Vines, The -- Best Of The Vines, The
Vines, The -- Future Primitive
Vines, The -- Highly Evolved
Vines, The -- Melodia
Vines, The -- Vision Valley
Vines, The -- Wicked Nature
Vines, The -- Winning Days
Virgil & The Accelerators -- Army Of Three
Virgil & The Accelerators -- Radium, The
Visions Of Atlantis -- Cast Away
Visions Of Atlantis -- Delta
Visions Of Atlantis -- Eternal Endless Infinity
Visions Of Atlantis -- Ethera
Visions Of Atlantis -- Trinity
Vital Escape -- Escapism
Voodoo Hill -- Voodoo Hill
Voodoo Hill -- Waterfall
Voodoo Hill -- Wildseed Of Mother Earth
Voodoo Six -- First Hit For Free
Voodoo Six -- Make Way For The King
Voodoo Six -- Songs To Invade Countries To
© Arthur Pereira
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