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Maas, Ali & Micky Moody -- Black & Chrome
Macc Lads, The -- Beer Necessities, The
Macc Lads, The -- Bitter, Fit Crack
Macc Lads, The -- Dirty, C.D., Chips 'N' Gravy
Macc Lads, The -- From Beer To Eternity
Macc Lads, The -- Live At Leeds (The Who?)
Mack, Lonnie -- Glad I'm In The Band
Mack, Lonnie -- Hills Of Indiana, The
Mack, Lonnie -- Home At Last
Mack, Lonnie -- Memphis Wham!
Mack, Lonnie -- Wham Of That Memphis Man!, The
Mack, Lonnie -- Whatever's Right
Mackay, Tristan -- Out Along The Wire
Mackay, Tristan -- Wire & Wood
MacLeod, Doug -- Exactly Like This
Mad Dog -- 617
Madison Avenue -- Polyester Embassy, The
Madness -- Divine Madness
Madness -- One Step Beyond
Madonna -- American Life
Madonna -- Bedtime Stories
Madonna -- Confessions On A Dance Floor
Madonna -- Erotica
Madonna -- Hard Candy
Madonna -- Like A Prayer
Madonna -- Like A Virgin
Madonna -- Madonna
Madonna -- MDNA
Madonna -- Music
Madonna -- Ray Of Light
Madonna -- Rebel Heart
Madonna -- Revolutionary Heart
Madonna -- True Blue
Mae, Kenna -- Blue Darlin
Magazine -- Real Life
Magic Sam -- Black Magic
Magic Sam -- West Side Soul
Magic Slim & The Teardrops -- Black Tornado
Magic Slim & The Teardrops -- Blues Of The Magic Man
Magic Slim & The Teardrops -- Midnight Blues
Magic Slim & The Teardrops -- Pure Magic
Magic Slim & The Teardrops -- Raising The Bar
Magic Slim & The Teardrops -- Raw Magic
Magic Slim & The Teardrops -- Rough Dried Women
Magic Slim & The Teardrops -- Snakebite
Magic Slim & The Teardrops -- Tin Pan Alley
Magma -- 1001 Degrees Centigrades
Magma -- K.A
Magma -- Kohntarkosz
Magnum -- Brand New Morning
Magnum -- Breath Of Life
Magnum -- Chase The Dragon
Magnum -- Escape From The Shadow Garden
Magnum -- Eleventh Hour, The
Magnum -- Goodnight L.A.
Magnum -- Into The Valley Of The Moonking
Magnum -- Keeping The Nite Lite Burning
Magnum -- Kingdom Of Madness
Magnum -- Magnum II
Magnum -- On A Storyteller's Night
Magnum -- On The 13th Day
Magnum -- Princess Alice And The Broken Arrow
Magnum -- Rock Art
Magnum -- Sacred Blood "Divine" Lies
Magnum -- Sleepwalking
Magnum -- Vigilante
Magnum -- Visitation, The
Magnum -- Wings Of Heaven
Mahal, Taj -- Dancing The Blues
Mahal, Taj -- Giant Step/De Ole Folks At Home
Mahal, Taj -- Hidden Treasures Of Taj Mahal 1969-1973, The
Mahal, Taj -- Like Never Before
Mahal, Taj -- Mo' Roots
Mahal, Taj -- Music Fuh Ya'
Mahal, Taj -- Music Keeps Me Together
Mahal, Taj -- Natch'l Blues, The
Mahal, Taj -- Real Thing, The
Mahal, Taj -- Satisfied 'N' Tickled Too
Mahal, Taj -- Senor Blues
Mahal, Taj -- Stagger Lee
Mahal, Taj -- Taj Mahal
Mahal, Taj -- Taj's Blues
Mahal, Taj -- World Blues
Mahal, Taj -- World Music
Mahal, Taj & Keb' Mo' -- TajMo
Mahogany Rush -- Children Of The Novelty
Mahogany Rush -- IV
Mahogany Rush -- Juggernaut
Mahogany Rush -- Live
Mahogany Rush -- Maxoom
Mahogany Rush -- Strange Universe
Mahogany Rush -- Tales Of The Unexpected
Mail, Wolf -- Above The Influence
Mail, Wolf -- At The Oceana Auditorium
Mail, Wolf -- Basement Session, The
Mail, Wolf -- Blue Fix
Mail, Wolf -- Electric Love Soul
Mail, Wolf -- Live Blues In Red Square
Mail, Wolf -- Solid Ground
Makeba, Miriam -- Phata Phata
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Alchemy
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Angels Of Love
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Attack!!
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Concerto Suite For Electric Guitar And Orchestra
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Double Live
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Eclipse
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Facing The Animal
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Fire And Ice
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Genesis, The
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Inspiration
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Magnum Opus
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Marching Out
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Odyssey
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Perpetual Flame
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Relentless
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Rising Force
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Seventh Sign, The
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Spellbound
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Trilogy
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- Unleash The Fury
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- War To End All Wars
Malmsteen, Yngwie J -- World On Fire
Malone, Marcus -- Stand Or Fall
Mama Lion -- Give It Everything I've Got
Mama Lion -- Preserve Wildlife
Mama's Pride -- Mama's Pride
Mama's Pride -- Uptown & Lowdown
Manassas -- Down The Road
Manassas -- Manassas
Mandolin Orange -- Blindfaller
Manfred Mann Chapter Three -- Manfred Mann Chapter Three
Manfred Mann Chapter Three -- Manfred Mann Chapter Three Volume Two
Manic Eden -- Manic Eden
Mann, Lisa -- Move On
Mann, Lisa -- Satisfied
Mann, Manfred -- As Is
Mann, Manfred -- Five Faces Of Manfred Mann, The
Mann, Manfred -- Lone Arranger
Mann, Manfred -- Mann Made
Mann, Manfred -- Mighty Garvey!
Mann, Manfred -- Singles (1963-1969), The
Mantissa -- Mossy God
Manuel, Richard -- Soul Of The Band, The
Marbles, The -- Marbles, The
Marcus King Band, The -- Marcus King Band, The
Marcus King Band, The -- Soul Insight
Margolin, Bob -- Chicago Blues
Margolin, Bob -- My Road
Marie, Donna -- Feel Good
Marie, Donna -- Reggae Love Music
Marillion -- Afraid Of Sunlight
Marillion -- Anoraknophobia
Marillion -- Brave
Marillion -- Clutching At Straws
Marillion -- F E A R
Marillion -- Fugazi
Marillion -- Happiness Is The Road Volume 1: Essence
Marillion -- Happiness Is The Road Volume 2: Hard Shoulder, The
Marillion -- Holidays In Eden
Marillion -- Less Is More
Marillion -- Marbles
Marillion -- marillion.com
Marillion -- Misplaced Childhood
Marillion -- Radiation
Marillion -- Real To Reel
Marillion -- Script For A Jester's Tear
Marillion -- Seasons End
Marillion -- Somewhere Else
Marillion -- Sounds That Can't Be Made
Marillion -- This Strange Engine
Marriott, Mollie -- Truth Is A Wolf
Mark Knoll Band, The -- High Time
Marley, Bob -- Burnin'
Marley, Bob -- Catch A Fire
Marley, Bob -- Confrontation
Marley, Bob -- Exodus
Marley, Bob -- Kaya
Marley, Bob -- Legend
Marley, Bob -- Live!
Marley, Bob -- Natty Dread
Marley, Bob -- Rastaman Vibration
Marley, Bob -- Satisfy My Soul
Marley, Bob -- Survival
Marley, Bob -- Uprising
Marley, Ziggy -- Dragonfly
Marley, Ziggy -- Family Time
Marley, Ziggy -- Fly Rasta
Marley, Ziggy -- Love Is My Religion
Marley, Ziggy -- Wild And Free
Marley, Ziggy -- Ziggy Marley
Maroon 5 -- Hands All Over
Maroon 5 -- It Won't Be Soon Before Long
Maroon 5 -- Overexposed
Maroon 5 -- Red Pill Blues
Maroon 5 -- Songs About Jane
Maroon 5 -- V
Marsden, Bernie -- And About Time Too
Marsden, Bernie -- Bernie Plays Rory
Marsden, Bernie -- Big Boy Blue
Marsden, Bernie -- Blues Rock: Bad Ass'd Boogie Driven Hot Licks
Marsden, Bernie -- Green And Blues (Tribute To Peter Green)
Marsden, Bernie -- Look At Me Now
Marsden, Bernie -- Shine
Marsden, Bernie -- Stacks
Marshall Tucker Band, The -- A New Life
Marshall Tucker Band, The -- Carolina Dreams
Marshall Tucker Band, The -- Face Down In The Blues
Marshall Tucker Band, The -- Long Hard Ride
Marshall Tucker Band, The -- Marshall Tucker Band, The
Marshall Tucker Band, The -- Running Like The Wind
Marshall Tucker Band, The -- Searchin' For A Rainbow
Marshall Tucker Band, The -- Tenth
Marshall Tucker Band, The -- Together Forever
Marshall Tucker Band, The -- Walk Outside The Lines
Marshall Tucker Band, The -- Where A Country Boy Belongs
Marshall X -- Broke, Busted & Blue
Marshall, Stephanie -- Silk & Steel
Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash -- Argus Through The Looking Glass
Martin, Eddie -- Blue To The Bone
Martin, Eddie -- Pillowcase Blues
Martin, Eddie -- Play The Blues With Feeling
Martin, Samantha & Delta Sugar -- Send The Nigtingale
Martin, Tony -- Scream
Martin, Vince -- If The Jasmine Don't Get You... The Bay Breeze Will
Martyn, Beverley -- Phoenix And The Turtle, The
Martyn, John & Beverley -- Road To Ruin, The
Martyn, John & Beverley -- Stormbringer
Martyn, John -- Bless The Weather
Martyn, John -- Heaven And Earth
Martyn, John -- Inside Out
Martyn, John -- London Conversation
Martyn, John -- Solid Air
Martyn, John -- Tumbler, The
Marvin, Welch & Farrar -- Marvin, Welch & Farrar
Marvin, Welch & Farrar -- Second Opinion
Mason, Dave -- Alone Together
Mason, Dave -- Dave Mason Is Alive!
Mason, Dave -- Headkeeper
Mason, Nick -- Nick Mason's Fictitious Sports
Mason + Fenn -- Profiles
Mason Proffit -- Bare Back Rider
Mason Proffit -- Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream
Mason Proffit -- Movin' Towards Happiness
Mason Proffit -- Rockfish Crossing
Mason Proffit -- Still Hangin'
Mason Proffit -- Wanted
Massey, Mark 'Muleman' -- One Step Ahead Of The Blues
Masters of Reality -- Masters of Reality
Mastodon -- Blood Mountain
Mastodon -- Crack The Skye
Mastodon -- Emperor Of Sand
Mastodon -- Hunter, The
Mastodon -- Leviathan
Mastodon -- Once More 'Round The Sun
Mastodon -- Remission
Matchbox Twenty -- Mad Season
Matchbox Twenty -- More Than You Think You Are
Matchbox Twenty -- North
Matchbox Twenty -- Yourself Or Someone Like You
Matthews' Southern Comfort -- Later That Same Year
Matthews' Southern Comfort -- Matthews' Southern Comfort
Matthews' Southern Comfort -- Second Spring
Matthews, Ian -- If You Saw Thro' My Eyes
Matthews, Ian -- Journeys From Gospel Oak
Matthews, Ian -- Matthews' Southern Comfort
Matthews, Ian -- Tigers Will Survive
Matthews, Ian -- Valley Hi
Matthews, Scott -- Elsewhere
Matthews, Scott -- Home Part I
Matthews, Scott -- Passing Stranger
Matthews, Scott -- What The Night Delivers...
Matumbi -- Point Of View
Maurice & Mac -- Lean On Me
Maxi Priest -- Easy To Love
May, Abbe -- Kiss My Apocalypse
May, Brian -- Another World
May, Brian -- Back To The Light
May, Imelda -- Love, Life, Flesh, Blood
May, Willie -- Shaken Tree Blues
Mayall, John -- A Hard Road
Mayall, John -- A Special Life
Mayall, John -- Back To The Roots
Mayall, John -- Bare Wires
Mayall, John -- Big Man Blues
Mayall, John -- Blues Alone, The
Mayall, John -- Blues Breakers
Mayall, John -- Blues From Laurel Canyon
Mayall, John -- Crusade
Mayall, John -- Diary Of A Band
Mayall, John -- Find A Way To Care
Mayall, John -- John Mayall Plays John Mayall
Mayall, John -- Last of the British Blues, The
Mayall, John -- Looking Back
Mayall, John -- Talk About That
Mayall, John -- Turning Point, The
Mayall, John -- USA Union
Mayall, John -- Why Worry
Mayer, John -- Battle Studies
Mayer, John -- Born And Raised
Mayer, John -- Continuum
Mayer, John -- Heavier Things
Mayer, John -- Inside Wants Out (EP)
Mayer, John -- Paradise Valley
Mayer, John -- Room for Squares
Mayfield, Percy -- My Jug And I
Mayfield, Percy -- Poet Of The Blues
Mayfield, Percy -- Walking On A Tightrope
Mayfield's Mule -- Mayfield's Mule
MC5 -- '66 Breakdown
MC5 -- Babes In Arms
MC5 -- Back In The USA
MC5 -- High Time
MC5 -- Kick Out The Jams
MC5 -- Looking At You
MC5 -- Power Trip
MC5 -- Thunder Express
McBride, Martina -- Eleven
McBride, Martina -- Emotion
McBride, Martina -- Everlasting
McBride, Martina -- Evolution
McBride, Martina -- Greatest Hits
McBride, Martina -- Hits And More
McBride, Martina -- Martina
McBride, Martina -- Reckless
McBride, Martina -- Shine
McBride, Martina -- Time Has Come, The
McBride, Martina -- Timeless
McBride, Martina -- Waking Up Laughing
McBride, Martina -- Way That I Am, The
McBride, Martina -- White Christmas
McBride, Martina -- Wild Angels
McCartney, Paul -- Pure McCartney
McCartney, Paul -- Tug Of War
McClement, Kristin -- Wild Grips, The
McCready, Mindy -- All For You
McCready, Mindy -- If I Don't Stay The Night
McCready, Mindy -- I'm Not So Tough
McCready, Mindy -- I'm Still Here
McCready, Mindy -- Mindy McCready
McCready, Mindy -- Ten Thousand Angels
McCreery, Scotty -- Clear As Day
McCreery, Scotty -- See You Tonight
McDonald, Michael -- Blink Of An Eye
McDonald, Michael -- Blue Obsession
McDonald, Michael -- If That's What It Takes
McDonald, Michael -- Motown
McDonald, Michael -- Motown Two
McDonald, Michael -- No Lookin' Back
McDonald, Michael -- Sweet Freedom
McDonald, Michael -- Take It To Heart
McEntire, Reba -- All The Women I Am
McEntire, Reba -- Duets
McEntire, Reba -- For My Broken Heart
McEntire, Reba -- Greatest Hits Volume III: I'm A Survivor
McEntire, Reba -- Heart To Heart
McEntire, Reba -- Keep On Loving You
McEntire, Reba -- Love Somebody
McEntire, Reba -- Read My Mind
McEntire, Reba -- Room To Breathe
McEntire, Reba -- Secret Of Giving
McEntire, Reba -- What If It's You
McGarvey, Ryan -- Forward In Reverse
McGarvey, Ryan -- Redefined
McGarvey, Ryan -- Road Chosen, The
McGraw, Tim -- 35 Biggest Hits
McGraw, Tim -- A Place In The Sun
McGraw, Tim -- All I Want
McGraw, Tim -- Damn Country Music
McGraw, Tim -- Emotional Traffic
McGraw, Tim -- Everywhere
McGraw, Tim -- Let It Go
McGraw, Tim -- Live Like You Were Dying
McGraw, Tim -- Love Story
McGraw, Tim -- Not A Moment Too Soon
McGraw, Tim -- Number One Hits
McGraw, Tim -- Set This Circus Down
McGraw, Tim -- Southern Voice
McGraw, Tim -- Sundown Heaven Town
McGraw, Tim -- Tim McGraw
McGraw, Tim -- Tim McGraw & The Dancehall Doctors
McGraw, Tim -- Two Lanes Of Freedom
McGraw, Tim & Faith Hill -- Rest Of Our Life, The
McGregor, Chantel -- Like No Other
McGregor, Chantel -- Lose Control
McGregor, Freddie -- Reggae Max
McGregor, Freddie -- True To My Roots
McGuinn, Roger -- Peace On You
McGuinn, Roger -- Roger McGuinn
McGuire, Barry -- Barry McGuire Album, The
McGuire, Barry -- Eve Of Destruction
McGuire, Barry -- This Precious Time
McIlwaine, Ellen -- Everybody Needs It
McIlwaine, Ellen -- Real Ellen McIlwaine, The
McIlwaine, Ellen -- Spontaneous Combustion
McKee, Beth -- Sugarcane Revival
McKee, Maria -- Late December
McKee, Maria -- Maria McKee
McLain, Tommy -- Sweet Dreams
McMahon, F.J. -- Spirit Of The Golden Juice
McMahon, Pat -- Pat McMahon
McNabb, Ian -- Head Like A Rock
McNally, Shannon -- Black Irish
McPhee, Tony -- Foolish Pride
McPhee, Tony -- Two Sides Of Tony (T.S.) McPhee, The
McShee, Jacqui, Gerry Conway & Spencer Cozens -- About Thyme
McVie, Christine -- Christine McVie
McVie, Christine -- Christine Perfect
MD45 -- Craving, The
Meat Loaf -- Bad Attitude
Meat Loaf -- Bat Out Of Hell
Meat Loaf -- Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell
Meat Loaf -- Bat Out Of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose
Meat Loaf -- Blind Before I Stop
Meat Loaf -- Braver Than We Are
Meat Loaf -- Couldn't Have Said It Better
Meat Loaf -- Dead Ringer
Meat Loaf -- Featuring Stoney & Meatloaf
Meat Loaf -- Hang Cool Teddy Bear
Meat Loaf -- Hell In A Handbasket
Meat Loaf -- Hits Out Of Hell
Meat Loaf -- Midnight At The Lost And Found
Meat Loaf -- Welcome To The Neighborhood
Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler -- Heaven & Hell
Meden Agan -- Erevos Aenaon
Meden Agan -- Lacrima Dai
Medicine Head -- Dark Side Of The Moon
Medicine Head -- Heavy On The Drum
Medicine Head -- New Bottles, Old Medicine
Medicine Head -- One & One Is One
Medicine Head -- Two Man Band
Medusa's Child -- Empty Sky
Megadeth -- Countdown To Extinction
Megadeth -- Cryptic Writings
Megadeth -- Dystopia
Megadeth -- Endgame
Megadeth -- Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good!
Megadeth -- Peace Sells...But Who's Buying
Megadeth -- Risk
Megadeth -- Rust In Peace
Megadeth -- So Far, So Good...So What!
Megadeth -- Super Collider
Megadeth -- System Has Failed, The
Megadeth -- Th1rt3en
Megadeth -- United Abominations
Megadeth -- Warchest
Megadeth -- World Needs A Hero, The
Megadeth -- Youthanasia
Meisner, Randy -- Love Me Or Leave Me Alone
Meisner, Randy -- One More Song
Meisner, Randy -- Randy Meisner (1978)
Meisner, Randy -- Randy Meisner (1982)
Mellencamp. John -- A Biography
Mellencamp, John -- American Fool
Mellencamp, John -- Big Daddy
Mellencamp, John -- Chestnut Street Incident
Mellencamp, John -- Cuttin' Heads
Mellencamp, John -- Dance Naked
Mellencamp, John -- Freedom's Road
Mellencamp, John -- Human Wheels
Mellencamp, John -- John Cougar
Mellencamp, John -- John Mellencamp
Mellencamp, John -- Kid Inside, The
Mellencamp, John -- Life, Death, Love And Freedom
Mellencamp, John -- Lonesome Jubilee, The
Mellencamp, John -- Mr. Happy Go Lucky
Mellencamp, John -- No Better Than This
Mellencamp, John -- Nothin' Matters And What If It Did
Mellencamp, John -- Performs Trouble No More Live At Town Hall
Mellencamp, John -- Plain Spoken
Mellencamp, John -- Rough Harvest
Mellencamp, John -- Sad Clowns & Hillbillies
Mellencamp, John -- Scarecrow
Mellencamp, John -- Trouble No More
Mellencamp, John -- Uh-Huh
Mellencamp, John -- Whenever We Wanted
Mellencamp, John -- Words & Music - Greatest Hits
Melody, Bunny -- True To You
Memphis Slim -- 4.00 Blues
Memphis Slim -- Boogie Woogie Piano
Memphis Slim -- Born To Boogie
Memphis Slim -- Come Back, The
Memphis Slim -- Every Day I Have The Blues
Memphis Slim -- I Am The Blues
Memphis Slim -- I'll Just Keep On Singing The Blues
Memphis Slim -- Rockin' The Blues
Men At Work -- Business As Usual
Men They Couldn't Hang, The -- Domino Club
Men They Couldn't Hang, The -- How Green Is The Valley
Men They Couldn't Hang, The -- Silver Town
Men They Couldn't Hang, The -- Waiting For Bonaparte
Mermaid Kiss -- Another Country
Messina, Jim -- Oasis
Messina, Jo Dee -- A Joyful Noise
Messina, Jo Dee -- Born
Messina, Jo Dee -- Delicious Surprise
Messina, Jo Dee -- I'm Alright
Messina, Jo Dee -- Jo Dee Messina
Messina, Jo Dee -- Me
Metalite -- Heroes In Time
Metallica -- ...And Justice For All
Metallica -- Death Magnetic
Metallica -- Garage Inc
Metallica -- Kill 'Em All
Metallica -- Live Shit- Binge & Purge
Metallica -- Load
Metallica -- Master Of Puppets
Metallica -- Metallica
Metallica -- Reload
Metallica -- Ride The Lightning
Metallica -- S&M
Metallica -- Some Kind Of Monster
Metallica -- St. Anger
Metallica -- Through The Never
Metallica -- Unnamed Feeling E.P., The
Metheny, Pat -- What's It All About
Method Actor (Eva Cassidy) -- Method Actor
Michael, George -- Faith
Michael, George -- Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1
Michael, George -- Older
Michael, George -- Patience
Michael, George -- Songs From The Last Century
Michael, George -- Symphonica
Michaels, Jeff -- Long Live Texas Blues
Micky & The Motorcars -- Hearts From Above
Midnight Oil -- 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
Midnight Oil -- 20,000 Watt R.S.L.
Midnight Oil -- Blue Sky mining
Midnight Oil -- Breath
Midnight Oil -- Capricornia
Midnight Oil -- Diesel And Dust
Midnight Oil -- Earth And Sun And Moon
Midnight Oil -- Midnight Oil
Midnight Oil -- Place Without A Postcard
Midnight Oil -- Real Thing, The
Midnight Oil -- Red Sails In The Sunset
Midnight Oil -- Redneck Wonderland
Midnight Oil -- Scream In Blue Live
Midnight Sun -- Midnight Fream
Midnight Sun -- Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun -- Walk In Circles
Mietek Blues Band -- That's All Right
Mighty Diamonds -- Go Seek Your Rights
Mike + The Mechanics -- Beggar On A Beach Of Gold
Mike + The Mechanics -- Hits
Mike + The Mechanics -- Let Me Fly
Mike + The Mechanics -- Living Years
Mike + The Mechanics -- Mike & The Mechanics (M6)
Mike + The Mechanics -- Mike + The Mechanics
Mike + The Mechanics -- Rewired
Mike + The Mechanics -- Road, The
Mike + The Mechanics -- Singles 1985-2014 + Rarities, The
Mike + The Mechanics -- Word Of Mouth
Miles Davis Quintet, The -- 'Round About Midnight
Miles, Buddy -- Them Changes
Miles, John -- Rebel
Miles, John -- Stranger In The City
Miles, John -- Zaragon
Miller, Buddy & Jim Lauderdale -- Buddy & Jim
Miller, Frankie -- Full House
Miller, Frankie -- High Life
Miller, Frankie -- Once In A Blue Moon
Miller Band, Frankie -- Rock, The
Miller, Joe -- Ramblin Guitar Man
Miller, Frankie -- Double Trouble
Miller, Frankie -- Easy Money
Miller, Frankie -- Falling In Love
Miller, Frankie -- Standing On The Edge
Miller, Larry -- Fearless
Miller, Larry -- Larry Miller
Miller, Larry -- Larryocaster
Miller, Larry -- Live & Outlawed
Miller, Larry -- Live 'n' Loud
Miller, Larry -- Man On A Mission
Miller, Larry -- On The Edge
Miller, Larry -- Outlaw Blues
Miller, Larry -- Soldier Of The Line
Miller, Larry -- Unfinished Business
Million $ Reload -- A Sinner's Saint
Million $ Reload -- Anthems Of A Degeneration
Mills, Lisa -- I'm Changing
Minogue, Dannii -- Get Into You
Minogue, Dannii -- Neon Nights
Minogue, Kylie -- Abbey Road Sessions, The
Minogue, Kylie -- Aphrodite
Minogue, Kylie -- Body Language
Minogue, Kylie -- Boombox
Minogue, Kylie -- Enjoy Yourself
Minogue, Kylie -- Essential Mixes
Minogue, Kylie -- Fever
Minogue, Kylie -- Greatest Hits
Minogue, Kylie -- Impossible Princess
Minogue, Kylie -- Kiss Me Once
Minogue, Kylie -- Kylie
Minogue, Kylie -- Kylie Christmas
Minogue, Kylie -- Kylie Minogue
Minogue, Kylie -- Let's Get To It
Minogue, Kylie -- Light Years
Minogue, Kylie -- Rhythm Of Love
Minogue, Kylie -- X
Miss Quincy & The Showdown -- Roadside Recovery
Mississippi Cactus -- Frank & Irene's
Mississippi John Hurt -- Blues Legend
Mississippi John Hurt -- Immortal, The
Mississippi John Hurt -- Spike Driver Blues: The Complete 1928 Okeh Recordings
Mississippi John Hurt -- Worried Blues
Mitchell, Joni -- Blue
Mitchell, Joni -- Both Sides Now
Mitchell, Joni -- Chalkmark In A Rain Storm
Mitchell, Joni -- Clouds
Mitchell, Joni -- Court And Spark
Mitchell, Joni -- Dog Eat Dog
Mitchell, Joni -- Don Juan's Reckless Daughter
Mitchell, Joni -- For The Roses
Mitchell, Joni -- Hejira
Mitchell, Joni -- Hissing Of Summer Lawns, The
Mitchell, Joni -- Ladies Of The Canyon
Mitchell, Joni -- Miles Of Aisles
Mitchell, Joni -- Mingus
Mitchell, Joni -- Night Ride Home
Mitchell, Joni -- Shadows And Light
Mitchell, Joni -- Shine
Mitchell, Joni -- Song To A Seagull
Mitchell, Joni -- Taming The Tiger
Mitchell, Joni -- Travelogue
Mitchell, Joni -- Turbulent Indigo
Mitchell, Joni -- Wild Things Run Fast
M'ore, David -- Passion, Soul & Fire
Moby Grape -- 20 Granite Creek
Moby Grape -- Grape Jam
Moby Grape -- Moby Grape
Moby Grape -- Moby Grape '69
Moby Grape -- Truly Fine Citizen
Moby Grape -- Wow
Mojo Assassins -- Mojo Assassins
Molly Hatchet -- 25th Anniversary: Best Of Re-Recorded
Molly Hatchet -- Beatin' The Odds
Molly Hatchet -- Deed Is Done, The
Molly Hatchet -- Devil's Canyon
Molly Hatchet -- Double Trouble Live
Molly Hatchet -- Flirtin' with Disaster
Molly Hatchet -- Justice
Molly Hatchet -- Kingdom Of XII
Molly Hatchet -- Lightning Strikes Twice
Molly Hatchet -- Locked And Loaded
Molly Hatchet -- Molly Hatchet
Molly Hatchet -- No Guts...No Glory
Molly Hatchet -- Regrinding The Axes
Molly Hatchet -- Silent Reign Of Heroes
Molly Hatchet -- Southern Rock Masters
Molly Hatchet -- Take No Prisoners
Molly Hatchet -- Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge
Moloch -- Moloch
Moloko -- Do You Like My Tight Sweater
Moloko -- I Am Not A Doctor
Moloko -- Statues
Moloko -- Things To Make And Do
Monarch -- Monarch
Money, Eddie -- Essential Eddie Money, The
Monk, Thelonius -- Brilliant Corners
Monk, Thelonius -- It's Monk's Time
Monk, Thelonius -- Monk's Blues
Monk, Thelonius -- Solo Monk
Monk, Thelonius -- Underground
Montoya, Coco -- Hard Truth
Montoya, Coco -- Suspicion
Montrose -- Jump On It
Montrose -- Mean
Montrose -- Montrose
Montrose -- Paper Money
Montrose -- Rockin' The Plant
Montrose -- Warner Bros. Presents ...Montrose
Montrose, Ronnie -- Open Fire
Moody Blues, The -- A Night At Red Rocks
Moody Blues, The -- A Question Of Balance
Moody Blues, The -- Caught Live +5
Moody Blues, The -- Days Of Future Passed
Moody Blues, The -- December
Moody Blues, The -- Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
Moody Blues, The -- In Search Of The Lost Chord
Moody Blues, The -- Keys Of The Kingdom
Moody Blues, The -- Long Distance Voyager
Moody Blues, The -- Magnificent Moodies, The
Moody Blues, The -- Octave
Moody Blues, The -- On The Threshold Of A Dream
Moody Blues, The -- Other Side Of Life, The
Moody Blues, The -- Present, The
Moody Blues, The -- Seventh Sojourn
Moody Blues, The -- Strange Times
Moody Blues, The -- Sur Le Mer
Moody Blues, The -- To Our Children's Children's Children
Moody Marsden -- Ozone Friendly
Moody, Mickey -- Acoustic Journeyman
Moody, Mickey -- Don't Blame Me
Moody, Mickey & Paul Williams -- Smokestacks, Broom Dusters & Hootchie Coochie Men
Moon, Keith -- Two Sides Of The Moon
Moondog -- Moondog
Moongarden -- A Vulgar Display Of Prog
Moongarden -- Brainstorm Of Emptyness
Moongarden -- Gates Of Omega, The
Moongarden -- Moonsadness
Moongarden -- Round Midnight
Moongarden -- Songs From The Lighthouse
Moongarden -- Voyeur
Moore Brothers, The -- Conspirement
Moore, Gary -- A Different Beat
Moore, Gary -- After Hours
Moore, Gary -- After The War
Moore, Gary -- Back On The Streets
Moore, Gary -- Back To The Blues
Moore, Gary -- Bad For You Baby
Moore, Gary -- Blues For Greeny
Moore, Gary -- Close As You Get
Moore, Gary -- Corridors Of Power
Moore, Gary -- Dark Days In Paradise
Moore, Gary -- Dirty Fingers
Moore, Gary -- G-Force
Moore, Gary -- Guitar Mindtrip
Moore, Gary -- Old New Ballads Blues
Moore, Gary -- Platinum
Moore, Gary -- Power Of The Blues
Moore, Gary -- Run For Cover
Moore, Gary -- Still Got The Blues
Moore, Gary -- Victims Of The Future
Moore, Gary -- Wild Frontier
Moore, Gary Band -- Grinding Stone
Moore, Justin -- Justin Moore
Moore, Justin -- Off The Beaten Path
Moore, Justin -- Outlaws Like Me
Moore, Mandy -- I Wanna Be With You
Moore, Mandy -- So Real
Moore, Thurston -- Best Day, The
Morgan Heritage -- Don't Haffi Dread
Morgan Heritage -- Protect Us Jah
Morgan Heritage -- Strictly Roots
Morgan, Lee -- Sidewinder, The
Morganfield, Bill -- Bloodstains On The Wall
Morganfield, Bill -- Blues In The Blood
Morganfield, Bill -- Blues With A Mood
Morganfield, Bill -- Born Lover
Morganfield, Bill -- Rising Son
Morissette, Alanis -- Alanis
Morissette, Alanis -- Flavors Of Entanglement
Morissette, Alanis -- Havoc And Bright Lights
Morissette, Alanis -- Jagged Little Pill
Morissette, Alanis -- Now Is The Time
Morissette, Alanis -- So Called Chaos
Morissette, Alanis -- Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie
Morissette, Alanis -- Under Rug Swept
Morricone, Ennio -- A Fistful Of Dollars
Morricone, Ennio -- For A Few Dollars More
Morris, Garrett -- Black Creole Chronicles
Morrison, Mark -- Return Of The Mack
Morrison, Van -- A Period Of Translation
Morrison, Van -- A Sense Of Wonder
Morrison, Van -- Astral Weeks
Morrison, Van -- Avalon Sunset
Morrison, Van -- Back On Top
Morrison, Van -- Beautiful Vision
Morrison, Van -- Blowin' Your Mind
Morrison, Van -- Born To Sing - No Plan B
Morrison, Van -- Common One
Morrison, Van -- Days Like These
Morrison, Van -- Down The Road
Morrison, Van -- Duets: Reworking The Catalogue
Morrison, Van -- Enlightenment
Morrison, Van -- Hard Nose The Highway
Morrison, Van -- Healing Game, The
Morrison, Van -- His Band And The Street Choir
Morrison, Van -- Hymns To The Silence
Morrison, Van -- Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart
Morrison, Van -- Into The Music
Morrison, Van -- It's Too Late To Stop Now
Morrison, Van -- Keep It Simple
Morrison, Van -- Keep Me Singing
Morrison, Van -- Magic Time
Morrison, Van -- Moondance
Morrison, Van -- No Guru, No Method, No Teacher
Morrison, Van -- Pay The Devil
Morrison, Van -- Poetic Champions Compose
Morrison, Van -- Roll With The Punches
Morrison, Van -- Too Long In Exile
Morrison, Van -- Tupulo Honey
Morrison, Van -- Veedon Fleece
Morrison, Van -- Versatile
Morrison, Van -- Wavelength
Morrison, Van -- What's Wrong With This Picture?
Morse, Neal -- To God Be The Glory
Morse, Steve -- Sessions, The
Mosley, Bob -- Bob Mosley
Moss, Nick -- From The Root To The Fruit
Moss, Nick -- Here I Am
Moss, Nick -- Privileged
Moss, Nick -- Time Ain't Free
Mostly Autumn -- Dressed In Voices
Mostly Autumn -- For All We Shared
Mostly Autumn -- Ghost Moon Orchestra, The
Mostly Autumn -- Glass Shadows
Mostly Autumn -- Go Well Diamond Heart
Mostly Autumn -- Heart Full Of Sky
Mostly Autumn -- High Voltage
Mostly Autumn -- Last Bright Light, The
Mostly Autumn -- Music Inspired By The Lord Of The Rings
Mostly Autumn -- Pass The Clock
Mostly Autumn -- Passengers
Mostly Autumn -- Spirit Of Autumn Past, The
Mostly Autumn -- Storms Over Still Water
Motherland -- Peace 4 Me
Motley Crue -- Dr. Feelgood
Motley Crue -- Generation Swine
Motley Crue -- Girls, Girls, Girls
Motley Crue -- Motley Crue
Motley Crue -- New Tattoo
Motley Crue -- Saints Of Los Angeles
Motley Crue -- Shout At The Devil
Motley Crue -- Theatre Of Pain
Motley Crue -- Too Fast For Love
Motorhead -- 1916
Motorhead -- Ace Of Spades
Motorhead -- Aftershock
Motorhead -- Another Perfect Day
Motorhead -- Bad Magic
Motorhead -- Bastards
Motorhead -- Bomber
Motorhead -- Hammered
Motorhead -- Inferno
Motorhead -- Iron Fist
Motorhead -- Kiss Of Death
Motorhead -- March Or Die
Motorhead -- Motorhead
Motorhead -- Motorizer
Motorhead -- No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith
Motorhead -- On Parole
Motorhead -- Orgasmatron
Motorhead -- Overkill
Motorhead -- Overnight Sensation
Motorhead -- Rock 'N' Roll
Motorhead -- Sacrifice
Motorhead -- Snake Bite Love
Motorhead -- Under Cover
Motorhead -- We Are Motorhead
Motorhead -- World Is Yours, The
Motors, The -- 1
Motors, The -- Approved By The Motors
Motors, The -- At The BBC
Motors, The -- Tenement Steps
Mott -- Drive On
Mott The Hoople -- All The Young Dudes
Mott The Hoople -- Brain Capers
Mott The Hoople -- Hoople, The
Mott The Hoople -- Live
Mott The Hoople -- Mad Shadows
Mott The Hoople -- Mott
Mott The Hoople -- Mott The Hoople
Mott The Hoople -- Wildfire
Mountain -- Avalanche
Mountain -- Best Of Mountain, The
Mountain -- Climbing!
Mountain -- Eruption
Mountain -- Flowers Of Evil
Mountain -- Go For Your Life
Mountain -- High
Mountain -- Live (The Road Goes Ever On)
Mountain -- Man's World
Mountain -- Masters Of War
Mountain -- Nantucket Sleighride
Mountain -- Twin Peaks
Move, The -- California Man
Moving Sidewalks, The -- Pre-ZZ Houston Roots, The
Mr. Big -- ...The Stories We Could Tell
Mr. Big -- Actual Size
Mr. Big -- Bump Ahead
Mr. Big -- Defying Gravity
Mr. Big -- Get Over It
Mr. Big -- Hey Man
Mr. Big -- Lean Into It
Mr. Big -- Mr. Big
Mr. Big -- What If...
Mud -- It Don't Mean A Thing
Mud -- Mud Rock
Mud -- Mud Rock Vol II
Mudcrutch -- Mudcrutch
Mudcrutch -- 2
Muldaur, Geoff & Maria -- Pottery Pie
Muldaur, Geoff & Maria -- Sweet Potatoes
Muldaur, Maria -- Maria Muldaur
Muldaur, Maria -- Waitress In A Donut Shop
Muleskinner Jones -- A Dying Man Can Sure Sing The Blues
Muleskinner -- A Potpourri Of Bluegrass Jam
Mull, Martin -- Sex & Violins
Mungo Jerry -- In The Summertime
Mungo Jerry -- You Don't Have To Be In The Army
Muppets, The -- Kermit Unpigged
Muppets, The -- Muppet Show Album, The
Muppets, The -- Music, Mayhem, And More!
Murphy, Jim -- Jump And Shout
Murphy, Roisin -- Hairless Toys
Murphy, Roisin -- Overpowered
Murphy, Roisin -- Ruby Blue
Muse -- 2nd Law, The
Muse -- Absolution
Muse -- Black Holes And Revelations
Muse -- Drones
Muse -- Origin Of Symmetry
Muse -- Resistance, The
Muse -- Showbiz
Musgraves, Kacey -- Golden Hour
Musgraves, Kacey -- Pageant Material
Musgraves, Kacey -- Same Trailer Different Park
Mushroom -- Early One Morning
Musselwhite, Charlie -- I Ain't Lyin...
Musselwhite, Charlie -- Juke Joint Chapel
My Chemical Romance -- Black Parade, The
My Chemical Romance -- Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys
My Chemical Romance -- I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
My Chemical Romance -- Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
Myers, Brett -- Home Brewed
Mystica Girls -- Gates Of Hell
Mystica Girls -- Metal Rose
Mystica Girls -- Veronica, La Cortesana Del Infierno
Mystica Girls -- Veronica, The Courtesan From Hell

© Arthur Pereira
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