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Gabriel, Peter -- And I'll Scratch Yours
Gabriel, Peter -- New Blood
Gabriel, Peter -- Ovo
Gabriel, Peter -- Peter Gabriel 1 (Car)
Gabriel, Peter -- Peter Gabriel 2 (Scratch)
Gabriel, Peter -- Peter Gabriel 3 (Melting Face)
Gabriel, Peter -- Peter Gabriel 4 (Security)
Gabriel, Peter -- Scratch My Back
Gabriel, Peter -- Secret World Live
Gabriel, Peter -- So
Gabriel, Peter -- Up
Gabriel, Peter -- Us
Gaines, Carolyn -- Beware Of My Dog
Gales Trio, Eric -- Ghost Notes
Gales, Eric -- Crystal Vision
Gales, Eric -- Good For Sumthin'
Gales, Eric -- Middle Of The Road
Gallagher, Joe -- Rough Couple Years
Gallagher, Liam -- As You Were
Gallagher, Rory -- Against The Grain
Gallagher, Rory -- Blueprint
Gallagher, Rory -- Calling Card
Gallagher, Rory -- Defender
Gallagher, Rory -- Deuce
Gallagher, Rory -- Essential Rory Gallagher, The
Gallagher, Rory -- Fresh Evidence
Gallagher, Rory -- Irish Tour
Gallagher, Rory -- Irishman In New York
Gallagher, Rory -- Jinx
Gallagher, Rory -- Notes From San Francisco
Gallagher, Rory -- Photo-Finish
Gallagher, Rory -- Rory Gallagher
Gallagher, Rory -- Tattoo
Gallagher, Rory -- Top Priority
Gallagher, Rory -- Wheels Within Wheels
Gallagher & Lyle -- Breakaway
Gallagher & Lyle -- Gallagher & Lyle
Gallagher & Lyle -- Last Cowboy, The
Gallagher & Lyle -- Seeds
Gallagher & Lyle -- Willie And The Rapdog
Galloway & Keliher -- Wild Dogs
Gamma Ray -- Empire Of The Undead
Gamma Ray -- Heading For Tomorrow
Gamma Ray -- Insanity And Genius
Gamma Ray -- Land Of The Free
Gamma Ray -- Land Of The Free II
Gamma Ray -- Majestic
Gamma Ray -- No World Order
Gamma Ray -- Power Plant
Gamma Ray -- Sigh No More
Gamma Ray -- Somewhere Out In Space
Gamma Ray -- To The Metal!
Garbage -- Garbage
Gardot, Melody -- Currency Of Man
Garfunkel, Art -- Everything Waits To Be Noticed
Garfunkel, Art -- Fate For Breakfast
Garfunkel, Art -- Scissors Cut
Garfunkel, Art -- Some Enchanted Evening
Garcia, Jerry Band -- Cats Under The Stars
Garcia, Jerry -- Compliments
Garcia, Jerry -- Garcia
Garcia, Jerry -- Reflections
Garner, Larry -- Blues For Sale
Garner, Larry -- Too Blues
Gaye, Marvin -- A Tribute To The Great Nat "King" Cole
Gaye, Marvin -- Here, My Dear
Gaye, Marvin -- I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Gaye, Marvin -- I Want You
Gaye, Marvin -- In Our Lifetime
Gaye, Marvin -- Let's Get It On
Gaye, Marvin -- Live In Montreaux
Gaye, Marvin -- Love Songs: Bedroom Ballads
Gaye, Marvin -- Love Starved Heart
Gaye, Marvin -- Midnight Love
Gaye, Marvin -- Moods Of Marvin Gaye
Gaye, Marvin -- That Stubborn Kinda Fellow
Gaye, Marvin -- Trouble Man OST
Gaye, Marvin -- What's Going On
Gaye, Marvin -- Vulnerable
Gaye, Marvin & Mary Wells -- Together
Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell -- Easy
Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell -- United
Genesis -- ...And Then There Were Three
Genesis -- ...Calling All Stations...
Genesis -- A Trick Of The Tail
Genesis -- Abacab
Genesis -- Duke
Genesis -- Foxtrot
Genesis -- From Genesis To Revelation
Genesis -- Genesis
Genesis -- Genesis Live
Genesis -- Invisible Touch
Genesis -- Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, The
Genesis -- Nursery Cryme
Genesis -- Seconds Out
Genesis -- Selling England By The Pound
Genesis -- Three Sides Live
Genesis -- Trespass
Genesis -- We Can't Dance
Genesis -- Wind & Wuthering
Gentle Giant -- Acquiring The Taste
Gentle Giant -- Free Hand
Gentle Giant -- Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant -- In a Glass House
Gentle Giant -- Interview
Gentle Giant -- Octopus
Gentle Giant -- Three Friends
Geordie -- Best Of Geordie, The
Geordie -- Can You Do It
Geordie -- Don't Be Fooled By The Name
Geordie -- Hope You Like It
Geordie -- No Good Woman
Geordie -- No Sweat
Geordie -- Save The World
Geordie -- Singles Collection
Geordie -- Unreleased Tapes
George, Lowell -- Thanks I'll Eat It Here
George, Robin & Glenn Hughes -- Sweet Revenge
Gerber, Alan -- Grand ...And The Small, The
Germino, Mark -- Caught In The Act Of Being Ourselves
Germino, Marc -- London Moon And Barnyard Remedies
Germino, Marc -- Rank & File
Germino, Marc & The Sluggers -- Radartown
Gibb, Julie -- Rewriting History
Gibbons Band, Steve -- Maintaining Radio Silence
Gibbons, Beth & Rustin Man -- Out Of Season
Gibbons, Billy & The BFG's -- Perfectamundo
Gibbons, Polly -- My Own Company
Giddens, Rhiannon -- Freedom Highway
Giddens, Rhiannon -- Tomorrow Is My Turn
Gilbert, Brantley -- A Modern Day Prodigal Son
Gilbert, Brantley -- Devil Don't Sleep, The
Gilbert, Brantley -- Halfway To Heaven
Gilbert, Brantley -- Just As I Am
Gilbert, Brantley -- Read Me My Rights
Gillan -- Double Trouble
Gillan -- Future Shock
Gillan -- Gillan
Gillan -- Glory Road
Gillan -- Magic
Gillan -- Mr. Universe
Gillan Dean -- Rocks On!
Gillan, Ian -- Cherkazoo And Other Stories...
Gillan, Ian -- Dreamcatcher
Gillan, Ian -- Gillan's inn
Gillan, Ian -- One Eye To Morocco
Gillan, Ian & Tony Iommi -- WhoCares
Gillan & Glover -- Accidentally On Purpose
Gillespie, Dizzy G -- Crossroads, The
Gilmore, Joey -- Brandon's Blues
Gilmour, David -- About Face
Gilmour, David -- David Gilmour
Gilmour, David -- Live At Pompeii
Gilmour, David -- Live In Gdansk
Gilmour, David -- On An Island
Gilmour, David -- Rattle That Lock
Giltrap, Gordon -- A Midnight Clear
Giltrap, Gordon -- Gordon Giltrap
Giltrap, Gordon -- Portrait
Giltrap, Gordon & Oliver Wakeman -- Ravens & Lullabies
Ginger Baker Trio -- Falling Off The Roof
Ginger Baker Trio -- Going Back Home
Ginger Baker's Air Force -- Do What You Like
Ginger Baker's Air Force -- Ginger Baker's Air Force
Ginger Baker's Air Force -- Ginger Baker's Air Force 2
Ginhouse -- Ginhouse
Girls Aloud -- Chemistry
Girls Aloud -- Out Of Control
Girls Aloud -- Sound Of The Underground
Girls Aloud -- Tangled Up
Girls Aloud -- Ten
Girls Aloud -- What Will The Neighbours Say
Gladiators -- Dreadlocks the Time is Now
Glasvegas -- Glasvegas
Glitter Band, The -- Hey!
Glitter Band, The -- Listen To The Band
Glitter Band, The -- Rock 'n' Roll Dudes
Glover, Roger -- Butterfly Ball, The
Glover, Roger -- If Life Was Easy
Glynne, Jess -- I Cry When I Laugh
Goldberg, Barry -- Blowing My Mind
Goldberg, Barry -- There's No Hole In My Soul
Golden Earring -- 2nd Live
Golden Earring -- Bloody Buccaneers
Golden Earring -- Contraband
Golden Earring -- Cut
Golden Earring -- Eight Miles High
Golden Earring -- Face It
Golden Earring -- Golden Earring
Golden Earring -- Grab It For A Second
Golden Earring -- Hole, The
Golden Earring -- Keeper Of The Flame
Golden Earring -- Live
Golden Earring -- Love Sweat
Golden Earring -- Milbrook U.S.A.
Golden Earring -- Moontan
Golden Earring -- N.E.W.S.
Golden Earring -- Naked II
Golden Earring -- Naked Truth, The
Golden Earring -- No Promises...No Debts
Golden Earring -- Paradise In Distress
Golden Earring -- Prisoner Of The Night
Golden Earring -- Seven Tears
Golden Earring -- Switch
Golden Earring -- Tits 'N Ass
Golden Earring -- To The Hilt
Golden Earring -- Together
Golden Earrings -- Just Ear-Rings
Golden Earrings -- Miracle Mirror
Golden Earrings -- Winter-Harvest
Goliath -- Hot Rock And Thunder
Golub, Jeff -- Vault, The
Gomes, Anthony -- ...Before The Beginning
Gomes, Anthony -- Blues In Technicolor
Gomes, Anthony -- Electric Field Holler
Gomes, Anthony -- Live
Gomes, Anthony -- Long Way Home
Gomes, Anthony -- Music Is The Medicine
Gomes, Anthony -- Primary Colors
Gomes, Anthony -- Rebel Blue
Gomes, Anthony -- Sweet Stringin' Soul
Gomes, Anthony -- Unity
Gomes, Anthony -- Up 2 Zero
Gomes, Anthony & The New Soul Cowboys -- New Soul Cowboys, The
Gomez, Antonio -- Alcala Street
Gong -- Angel's Egg
Gong -- Camembert Electrique
Gong -- Flying Teapot, The
Gong -- You
Gonzalez, Jose -- In Our Nature
Gonzalez, Jose -- Veneer
Gonzalez, Jose -- Vestiges & Claws
Goo Goo Dolls -- A Boy Named Goo
Goo Goo Dolls -- Boxes
Goo Goo Dolls -- Dizzy Up The Girl
Goo Goo Dolls -- What I Learned About Ego, Opinion, Art & Commerce
Goo Goo Dolls -- Goo Goo Dolls
Goo Goo Dolls -- Gutterflower
Goo Goo Dolls -- Hold Me Up
Goo Goo Dolls -- Jed
Goo Goo Dolls -- Let Love In
Goo Goo Dolls -- Magnetic
Goo Goo Dolls -- Something For The Rest Of Us
Goo Goo Dolls -- Superstar Car Wash
Good Rats -- Cover Of Night
Good Rats -- Good Rats, The
Goodrem, Delta -- Child Of The Universe
Goodrem, Delta -- Delta
Goodrem, Delta -- I Honestly Love You
Goodrem, Delta -- Innocent Eyes
Goodrem, Delta -- Mistaken Identity
Gosdin Brothers, The -- One Hundred Years From Now
Gosdin Brothers, The -- Sounds Of Goodbye
Govan, James -- Wanted (The Fame Recordings)
Gov't Mule -- By a Thread
Gov't Mule -- Dark Side Of The Mule
Gov't Mule -- Life Before Insanity
Gov't Mule -- Mighty High
Gov't Mule -- Sco-Mule
Gov't Mule -- Shout!
Gov't Mule -- Stoned Side Of The Mule - Vol 1 & 2
Graham, Davy -- Folk, Blues & Beyond
Graham, Davy -- Guitar Player, The
Graham, Davy -- Hat
Graham, Davy -- Holly Kaleidoscope, The
Graham, Davy -- Large As Life And Twice As Natural
Graham, Davy -- Midnight Man
Grainger, Kara -- Shiver & Sigh
Grainger, Mitch -- Blues, The
Gramm, Lou -- My Baby
Grand Funk Railroad -- All The Girls In The World Beware!!!
Grand Funk Railroad -- Born To Die
Grand Funk Railroad -- Caught In The Act
Grand Funk Railroad -- Closer To Home
Grand Funk Railroad -- E Pluribus Funk
Grand Funk Railroad -- Good Singin', Good Playin'
Grand Funk Railroad -- Grand Funk
Grand Funk Railroad -- Grand Funk Lives
Grand Funk Railroad -- Live Album
Grand Funk Railroad -- On Time
Grand Funk Railroad -- Phoenix
Grand Funk Railroad -- Shinin' On
Grand Funk Railroad -- Survival
Grand Funk Railroad -- We're An American Band
Grand Funk Railroad -- What's Funk?
Grande, Ariana -- Dangerous Woman
Grande, Ariana -- My Everything
Grande, Ariana -- Yours Truly
Grant, Amy -- My Father's Eyes
Grant, Eddy -- File Under Rock
Grapefruit -- Around Grapefruit
Grapefruit -- Deep Water
Grass Roots, The -- Where Were You When I Needed You
Grateful Dead -- American Beauty
Grateful Dead -- Anthem of the Sun
Grateful Dead -- Aoxomoxoa
Grateful Dead -- Blues For Allah
Grateful Dead -- Europe '72
Grateful Dead -- From The Mars Hotel
Grateful Dead -- Grateful Dead
Grateful Dead -- History Of The Grateful Dead, Vol. I (Bear's Choice)
Grateful Dead -- In The Dark
Grateful Dead -- Skull & Roses
Grateful Dead -- Wake Of The Flood
Grateful Dead -- Without A Net
Grateful Dead -- Workingman's Dead
Graveshadow -- Ambition's Price
Graveshadow -- Nocturnal Resurrection
Gravy Train -- Staircase To The Day
Gray, Barry -- Captain Scarlet
Gray, Barry -- Stand By For Action!: The Music Of Barry Gray
Gray, Barry -- Thunderbirds
Gray, Doug -- Confederate Son
Gray, Doug -- Rebel And A Bluesman
Great White -- ...Twice Shy
Great White -- Back To The Rhythm
Great White -- Can't Get There From Here
Great White -- Elation
Great White -- Full Circle
Great White -- Great White
Great White -- Great Zeppelin: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin
Great White -- Hooked
Great White -- Let It Rock
Great White -- Once Bitten...
Great White -- Psycho City
Great White -- Rising
Great White -- Sail Away
Great White -- Shot In The Dark
Green Day -- 21st Century Breakdown
Green Day -- 39/Smooth
Green Day -- American Idiot
Green Day -- Dookie
Green Day -- Dos!
Green Day -- Insomniac
Green Day -- Kerplunk
Green Day -- Nimrod
Green Day -- Revolution Radio
Green Day -- Tre!
Green Day -- Uno!
Green Day -- Warning
Green Splinter Group, Peter -- Destiny Road
Green Splinter Group, Peter -- Hot Foot Powder
Green Splinter Group, Peter -- Peter Green Splinter Group
Green Splinter Group, Peter -- Reaching The Cold 100
Green Splinter Group, Peter -- Robert Johnson Songbook, The
Green Splinter Group, Peter -- Soho Session
Green, Al -- Al Green Explores Your Mind
Green, Al -- Al Green Gets Next To You
Green, Al -- Al Green is Love
Green, Al -- Back Up Train
Green, Al -- Belle Album, The
Green, Al -- Call Me
Green, Al -- Christmas Album, The
Green, Al -- Don't Look Back
Green, Al -- Everything's OK
Green, Al -- Full Of Fire
Green, Al -- Green Is Blues
Green, Al -- Have A Good Time
Green, Al -- He Is The Light
Green, Al -- Higher Plane
Green, Al -- I Can't Stop
Green, Al -- I Get Joy
Green, Al -- I'm Still In Love With You
Green, Al -- I'll Rise Again
Green, Al -- Lay It Down
Green, Al -- Legendary Hi Records Albums, Volume 1, The
Green, Al -- Legendary Hi Records Albums, Volume 2, The
Green, Al -- Let's Stay Together
Green, Al -- Livin' For You
Green, Al -- Lord Will Make A Way, The
Green, Al -- Love Is Healthy
Green, Al -- Precious Lord
Green, Al -- Soul Survival
Green, Al -- Trust In God
Green, Al -- Truth n' Time
Green, Al -- Your Heart's In Good Hands
Green, Cee Lo -- Lady Killer, The
Green, Cee Lo -- TV On The Radio
Green, Peter -- End Of The Game, The
Green, Peter -- In The Skies
Greene, Jeanie -- Mary Called Jeanie Greene
Greta Van Fleet -- From The Fires
Grey Lady Down -- Crime, The
Grey Lady Down -- Fear
Grey Lady Down -- Forces
Grey Lady Down -- Star-Crossed
Grey Lady Down -- Time Of Our Lives, The
Griffin, Patty -- 1000 Kisses
Griffin, Patty -- A Kiss In Time
Griffin, Patty -- American Kid
Griffin, Patty -- Children Running Through
Griffin, Patty -- Downtown Church
Griffin, Patty -- Flaming Red
Griffin, Patty -- Impossible Dream
Griffin, Patty -- Living With Ghosts
Griffin, Patty -- Servant Of Love
Griffin, Patty -- Silver Bell
Griffith, Nanci -- Flyer
Griffith, Nanci -- Hearts In Mind
Grin -- Gone Crazy
Grin -- Grin
Grinderman -- Grinderman
Grinderman -- Grinderman 2
Grinderswitch -- Ghost Train From Georgia
Grinderswitch -- Honest To Goodness
Grisman, David -- David Grisman Quintet, The
Grisman, David -- Hot Dawg
Grisman, David -- Rounder Album, The
Groundhogs -- Back Against The Wall
Groundhogs -- Black Diamond
Groundhogs -- Blues Obituary
Groundhogs -- Crosscut Saw
Groundhogs -- Eccentric Man: Live at the Marquee, London
Groundhogs -- Groundhog Blues
Groundhogs -- Hogs In Wolf's Clothing
Groundhogs -- Hogs On The Road
Groundhogs -- Hogwash
Groundhogs -- Muddy Waters Songbook, The
Groundhogs -- No Surrender
Groundhogs -- Razor's Edge
Groundhogs -- Scratching The Surface
Groundhogs -- Solid
Groundhogs -- Split
Groundhogs -- Thank Christ For The Bomb
Groundhogs -- Who Will Save The World: The Mighty Groundhogs!
Growl -- Growl
Gryphon -- Gryphon
Gryphon -- Midnight Mushrumps
Gryphon -- Raindance
Gryphon -- Red Queen To Gryphon Three
Gryphon -- Treason
Guilbeau, Gib -- Cajun Country
Guilbeau, Gib -- Gib Guilbeau Sings
Guilbeau, Gib -- Louisiana Rain
Gun -- 0141 632 6326
Gun -- Favourite Pleasures
Gun -- Frantic
Gun -- Gallus
Gun -- Swagger
Gun -- Taking On The World
Gun, The -- Gun, The
Gun, The -- Gunsight
Gun Club, The -- Fire of Love
Guns N' Roses -- Appetite For Destruction
Guns N' Roses -- Chinese Democracy
Guns N' Roses -- G N' R Lies
Guns N' Roses -- Spaghetti Incident?, The
Guns N' Roses -- Use Your Illusion I
Guns N' Roses -- Use Your Illusion II
Guthrie, Arlo -- Alice's Restaurant
Guthrie, Arlo -- Amigo
Guthrie, Arlo -- Hobo's Lullaby
Guthrie, Arlo -- Last Of The Brooklyn Cowboys
Guthrie, Arlo -- Running Down The Road
Guthrie, Arlo -- Washington County
Guthrie, Woody -- Dust Bowl Ballads
Guy, Buddy -- A Man And The Blues
Guy, Buddy -- As Good As It Gets
Guy, Buddy -- Blues Singer
Guy, Buddy -- Born To Play Guitar
Guy, Duddy -- Breaking Out
Guy, Buddy -- Bring 'Em In
Guy, Buddy -- Damn Right, I've Got The Blues
Guy, Buddy -- D.J. Play My Blues
Guy, Buddy -- Feels Like Rain
Guy, Buddy -- Heavy Love
Guy, Buddy -- Hold That Plane!
Guy, Buddy -- I Was Walking Through The Woods
Guy, Buddy -- Left My Blues In San Francisco
Guy, Buddy -- Living Proof
Guy, Buddy -- Rhythm & Blues
Guy, Buddy -- Skin Deep
Guy, Buddy -- Slippin' In
Guy, Buddy -- Sweet Tea
Guy, Buddy & Junior Wells -- Alone And Acoustic
Guy, Buddy & Junior Wells -- Drinkin' TNT 'N' Smokin' Dynamite
Guy, Buddy & Junior Wells -- Every Day I Have The Blues
Guy, Buddy & Junior Wells -- Play The Blues
Guy Buddy & Otis Rush -- Blue On Blues
Gypsy Flight -- Painted Desert

© Arthur Pereira
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