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B-52's, The -- Cosmic Thing

Babe Ruth -- Amar Caballero
Babe Ruth -- First Base
Babylon A.D. -- Babylon A.D.
Baccara -- Original Hits, The
Bachman -- Heavy Blues
Bachman & Turner -- Bachman & Turner
Bachman-Turner Overdrive -- B.T.O. Live - Japan Tour
Bachman-Turner Overdrive -- Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Bachman-Turner Overdrive -- Bachman-Turner Overdrive II
Bachman-Turner Overdrive -- Bachman-Turner Overdrive (1984)
Bachman-Turner Overdrive -- Best Of B.T.O.
Bachman-Turner Overdrive -- Four Wheel Drive
Bachman-Turner Overdrive -- Freeways
Bachman-Turner Overdrive -- Head On
Bachman-Turner Overdrive -- Not Fragile
Bachman-Turner Overdrive -- Rock 'N Roll Nights
Bachman-Turner Overdrive -- Street Action
Back Door Slam -- Roll Away
Back Street Crawler -- 2nd Street
Back Street Crawler -- Band Plays On, The
Bad Blues Quartet -- Bad Blues Quartet
Bad Company -- 10 From 6
Bad Company -- Bad Company
Bad Company -- Burnin' Sky
Bad Company -- Company Of Strangers
Bad Company -- Dangerous Age
Bad Company -- Desolation Angels
Bad Company -- Fame And Fortune
Bad Company -- Here Comes Trouble
Bad Company -- Holy Water
Bad Company -- Original Bad Company Anthology
Bad Company -- Rough Diamonds
Bad Company -- Run With The Pack
Bad Company -- Stories Told & Untold
Bad Company -- Straight Shooter
Bad Company -- What You Hear Is What You Get
Bad Habits -- Cover Up
Bad Temper Joe -- Sometimes A Sinner
Bad Touch -- Half Way Home
Bad Touch -- Truth Be Told
Badfinger -- Airwaves
Badfinger -- Ass
Badfinger -- Badfinger
Badfinger -- Head First
Badfinger -- Magic Christian Music
Badfinger -- No Dice
Badfinger -- Say No More
Badfinger -- Straight Up
Badfinger -- Wish You Were Here
Baez, Joan -- Any Day Now
Baez, Joan -- Baez Sings Dylan
Baez, Joan -- Baptism: A Journey Through Our Time
Baez, Joan -- Blessed Are
Baez, Joan -- Dark Chords On A Big Guitar
Baez, Joan -- David's Album
Baez, Joan -- Diamonds & Rust
Baez, Joan -- Farewell, Angelina
Baez, Joan -- In Concert Part 1
Baez, Joan -- In Concert Part 2
Baez, Joan -- Joan Baez
Baez, Joan -- Joan Baez, Vol. 2
Baez, Joan -- Light Branched
Baez, Joan -- One Day At A Time
Baez, Joan -- Whistle Down The Wind
Bailey, Ray -- Resurrection
Bailey, Ray -- Satan's Moon
Baileys Comet -- Judgement Day
Baker, Ginger -- African Force, The
Baker, Ginger -- Coward Of The County
Baker, Ginger -- Horses And Trees
Baker, Ginger -- Stratavarious
Baker, Ginger -- Unseen Rain
Baker, Ginger -- Why?
Balaam & The Angel -- Greatest Story Ever Told, The
Baldry, Long John -- Best Of Long John Baldry, The
Baldry, Long John -- Long John's Blues
Baldry, Long John -- Looking At Long John
Ballard, Russ -- Anthology
Ballard, Russ -- At The Third Stroke
Ballard, Russ -- Barnet Dogs
Ballard, Russ -- Book Of Love
Ballard, Russ -- Fire Still Burns, The
Ballard, Russ -- Into The Fire
Ballard, Russ -- Premium Gold Collection
Ballard, Russ -- Russ Ballard (1974)
Ballard, Russ -- Russ Ballard (1984)
Ballard, Russ -- Seer, The
Ballard, Russ -- Very Best Of, The
Ballard, Russ -- Winning
Ballerini, Kelsea -- First Time, The
Ballerini, Kelsea -- Unapologetically
Banai, Jenny -- Flowering Head
Bananarama -- Banarama
Bananarama -- Deep Sea Skiving
Bananarama -- Drama
Bananarama -- Exotica
Bananarama -- Greatest Hits Collection, The
Bananarama -- Please Yourself
Bananarama -- Pop Life
Bananarama -- True Confessions
Bananarama -- Ultra Violet
Bananarama -- Viva
Bananarama -- Wow!
Band Perry, The -- Band Perry, The
Band Perry, The -- Pioneer
Band, The -- Band, The
Band, The -- Cahoots
Band, The -- Early Years (As The Hawks)
Band, The -- High On The Hog
Band, The -- Islands
Band, The -- Jericho
Band, The -- Jubilation
Band, The -- Last Waltz, The
Band, The -- Moondog Matinee
Band, The -- Music From Big Pink
Band, The -- Northern Lights - Southern Cross
Band, The -- Rock Of Ages
Band, The -- Stage Fright
Bang -- Bang
Bang -- Mother
Bang -- Music
Banks -- Goddess
Banks, Peter -- Two Sides Of Peter Banks
Banks, Tony -- A Curious Feeling
Banks, Tony -- Fugitive, The
Banks, Tony -- Still
Bankstatement -- Bankstatement
Barclay James Harvest -- ...And Other Short Stories
Barclay James Harvest -- A Concert For The People (Berlin)
Barclay James Harvest -- Baby James Harvest
Barclay James Harvest -- Barclay James Harvest
Barclay James Harvest -- Caught In The Light
Barclay James Harvest -- Eyes Of The Universe
Barclay James Harvest -- Everyone Is Everybody Else
Barclay James Harvest -- Face To Face
Barclay James Harvest -- Gone To Earth
Barclay James Harvest -- Live
Barclay James Harvest -- Live Tapes
Barclay James Harvest -- Octoberon
Barclay James Harvest -- Once Again
Barclay James Harvest -- Ring Of Changes
Barclay James Harvest -- River Of Dreams
Barclay James Harvest -- Time Honoured Ghosts
Barclay James Harvest -- Turn Of The Tide
Barclay James Harvest -- Victims Of Circumstance
Barclay James Harvest -- Welcome To The Show
Barclay James Harvest -- XII
Barenaked Ladies -- All In Good Time
Barenaked Ladies -- Barenaked For The Holidays
Barenaked Ladies -- Barenaked Ladies Are Me
Barenaked Ladies -- Barenaked Ladies Are Men
Barenaked Ladies -- Born On A Pirate Ship
Barenaked Ladies -- Everything To Everyone
Barenaked Ladies -- Gordon
Barenaked Ladies -- Maroon
Barenaked Ladies -- Maybe You Should Drive
Barenaked Ladies -- Rock Spectacle
Barenaked Ladies -- Silverball
Barenaked Ladies -- Stunt
Barerre, Paul -- If The Phone Don't Ring
Barerre, Paul -- On My Own Two Feet
Barker, Emily -- Sweet Kind Of Blue
Barksdale, Becky -- 2120 Sessions, The
Barnes, Jimmy -- Barnes Hits Anthology
Barnes, Jimmy -- Barnestorming
Barnes, Jimmy -- Best Of The Soul Years
Barnes, Jimmy -- Bodyswerve
Barnes, Jimmy -- Double Happiness
Barnes, Jimmy -- Flesh And Wood
Barnes, Jimmy -- For The Working Class Man
Barnes, Jimmy -- Freight Train Heart
Barnes, Jimmy -- Heat
Barnes, Jimmy -- Live At The Sydney Opera House
Barnes, Jimmy -- Love And Fear
Barnes, Jimmy -- Out In The Blue
Barnes, Jimmy -- Psyclone
Barnes, Jimmy -- Rage And Rain
Barnes, Jimmy -- Rythmn And The Blues, The
Barnes, Jimmy -- Soul Deep
Barnes, Jimmy -- Soul Deep ... Songs From The Deep South
Barnes, Jimmy -- Soul Searchin'
Barnes, Jimmy -- Two Fires
Barnes, Mahalia & The Soul Mates -- Hard Expectations
Barnes, Mahalia & The Soul Mates -- Ooh Yea: The Betty Davis Songbook
Barnes, Mahalia & The Soul Mates -- Volume 1
Barnes, Mahalia & The Soul Mates -- Volume 2
Barnstorm -- Barnstorm
Barre, Martin -- A Summer Band
Barre, Martin -- A Trick Of Memory
Barre, Martin -- Away With Words
Barre, Martin -- Meeting, The
Barre, Martin -- Order Of Play
Barre, Martin -- Stage Left
Barrett, Syd -- Barrett
Barrett, Syd -- Madcap Laughs, The
Barron, Ronnie -- Reverend Ether
Bat For Lashes -- Bride, The
Bat For Lashes -- Fur And Gold
Bat For Lashes -- Haunted Man, The
Bat For Lashes -- Two Suns
Bates, Bad Bob -- Bridge Street
Bates, Bad Bob -- Trigger Finger
Bazen, John -- Amazin'
BBM -- Around The Next Dream
BBM -- Live At The Rockpalast
Be Bop Deluxe -- Axe Victim
Be Bop Deluxe -- Drastic Plastic
Be Bop Deluxe -- Futurama
Be Bop Deluxe -- Modern Music
Be Bop Deluxe -- Sunburst Finish
Beach Boys, The -- 20/20
Beach Boys, The -- All Summer Long
Beach Boys, The -- Beach Boys Party!
Beach Boys, The -- Beach Boys, The
Beach Boys, The -- Carl And The Passions - "So Tough"
Beach Boys, The -- Friends
Beach Boys, The -- Holland
Beach Boys, The -- Keepin' The Summer Alive
Beach Boys, The -- L.A. (Light Album)
Beach Boys, The -- Little Deuce Coupe
Beach Boys, The -- Love You
Beach Boys, The -- M.I.U. Album
Beach Boys, The -- Pet Sounds
Beach Boys, The -- Smiley Smile
Beach Boys, The -- Stars & Stripes Vol. 1
Beach Boys, The -- Still Cruisin'
Beach Boys, The -- Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)
Beach Boys, The -- Summer In Paradise
Beach Boys, The -- Sunflower
Beach Boys, The -- Surf's Up
Beach Boys, The -- Surfer Girl
Beach Boys, The -- Surfin' Safari
Beach Boys, the -- Surfin' U.S.A.
Beach Boys, The -- That's Why God Made The Radio
Beach Boys, The -- Wild Honey
Beast In Black -- Berserker
Beastie Boys -- Check Your Head
Beastie Boys -- Hello Nasty
Beastie Boys -- Hot Sauce Commander Part Two
Beastie Boys -- Ill Communication
Beastie Boys -- Licensed To Ill
Beastie Boys -- Mix-Up, The
Beastie Boys -- Paul's Boutique
Beastie Boys -- To The 5 Boroughs
Beatles, The -- A Hard Day's Night
Beatles, The -- Abbey Road
Beatles, The -- Anthology 1
Beatles, The -- Beatles For Sale
Beatles, The -- Help!
Beatles, The -- Let It Be
Beatles, The -- Magical Mystery Tour
Beatles, The -- Please Please Me
Beatles, The -- Revolver
Beatles, The -- Rubber Soul
Beatles, The -- Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
Beatles, The -- White Album, The
Beatles, The -- With The Beatles
Beatles, The -- Yellow Submarine
Beavis and Butt-Head -- Beavis and Butt-Head Experience, The
Beck, Bogart & Appice -- Beck, Bogart & Appice
Beck, Jeff -- Blow By Blow
Beck, Jeff -- Emotion & Commotion
Beck, Jeff -- Loud Hailer
Beck, Robin -- Can't Get Off
Beck, Robin -- Do You Miss Me
Beck, Robin -- Great Escape, The
Beck, Robin -- Human Instinct
Beck, Robin -- Livin' On A Dream
Beck, Robin -- Love Is Coming
Beck, Robin -- Sweet Talk
Beck, Robin -- Trouble Or Nothing
Beck, Robin -- Underneath
Beck, Robin -- Wonderland
Bedlam -- Bedlam
Beggars Opera -- Act One
Beggars Opera -- All Tomorrows Thinking
Beggars Opera -- Beggars Can't Be Choosers
Beggars Opera -- Close To My Heart
Beggars Opera -- Final Curtain, The
Beggars Opera -- Get Your Dog Off Me!
Beggars Opera -- Lifeline
Beggars Opera -- Lose A Life
Beggars Opera -- Mrs. Caligari's Lighter
Beggars Opera -- Pathfinder
Beggars Opera -- Promise In Motion
Beggars Opera -- Sagittary
Beggars Opera -- Suddenly Ahead Ahead
Beggars Opera -- Touching The Edge
Beggars Opera -- Waters Of Change
Bell, Eric -- Exile
Bell, Eric -- Standing At A Bus Stop
Bell, Lurrie -- Can't Shake This Feeling
Bell, Maggie -- Queen Of The Night
Bell, Maggie -- Suicide Sal
Bell, William -- Soul Of A Bell, The
Bellamy Brothers, The -- Pray For Me
Bellinger, Eric -- Cuffing Season
Belushi Akroyd -- Have Love Will Travel
Benatar, Pat -- 8-15-80
Benatar, Pat -- Best Shots
Benatar, Pat -- Crimes of Passion
Benatar, Pat -- Get Nervous
Benatar, Pat -- Go
Benatar, Pat -- Gravity's Rainbow
Benatar, Pat -- In The Heat Of The Night
Benatar, Pat -- Innamorata
Benatar, Pat -- Live From Earth
Benatar, Pat -- Precious Time
Benatar, Pat -- Seven the Hard Way
Benatar, Pat -- Tropico
Benatar, Pat -- True Love
Benatar, Pat -- Wide Awake In Dreamland
Benatar, Pat & Neil Giraldo -- 35th Anniversary Tour
Benedetti, Vince & Diana Krall -- Heartdrops
Benedictum -- Dominion
Benedictum -- Obey
Benedictum -- Seasons Of Tragedy
Benedictum -- Uncreation
Benoit, Tab -- Best Of The Bayou Blues
Benoit, Tab -- Legacy: The Best of Tab Benoit
Benoit, Tab -- Live: Swampland Jam
Benson, George -- 20/20
Benson, George -- Absolute Benson
Benson, George -- Bad Benson
Benson, George -- Beyond The Blue Horizon
Benson, George -- Body Talk
Benson, George -- Breezin'
Benson, George -- Giblet Gravy
Benson, George -- Give Me The Night
Benson, George -- Good King Bad
Benson, George -- Goodies
Benson, George -- Guitar Man
Benson, George -- I Got A Woman And Some Blues
Benson, George -- In Flight
Benson, George -- In Your Eyes
Benson, George -- Inspiration: A Tribute To Nat King Cole
Benson, George -- Irreplaceable
Benson, George -- Livin' Inside Your love
Benson, George -- Love Remembers
Benson, George -- Other Side Of Abbey Road, The
Benson, George -- Pacific Fire
Benson, George -- Shape Of things To Come
Benson, George -- Songs And Stories
Benson, George -- Standing Together
Benson, George -- Tell It Like It Is
Benson, George -- Tenderly
Benson, George -- That's Right
Benson, George -- Twice The Love
Benson, George -- While The City Sleeps...
Benson, George -- White Rabbit
Benson, George Quartet, The -- George Benson Cookbook, The
Benson, George Quartet, The -- It's Uptown
Benson, George & Al Jarreau -- Givin' It Up
Benson, George & The Brother Jack McDuff Quartet -- New Boss Guitar Of George Benson, The
Benson, George & The Count Basie Orchestra -- Big Boss Band
Benson, George & Earl Klugh -- Collaboration
Benson, Ray -- A Little Piece
Bentley, Dierks -- Feel That Fire
Bentley, Dierks -- Riser
Bernard Allison Group -- In The Mix
Best Of Hanna-Barbera, The -- Tunes From The Toons
Betts, Dickey -- Dickey Betts & Great Southern
Betts, Dickey -- Highway Call
Betty -- Handful
Betty Fox Band, The -- Slow Burn
Beyonce -- I Am... Sasha Fierce
Beyonce -- Lemonade
Beyond The Black -- Lost In Forever
Beyond The Black -- Songs Of Love And Death
Bhundu Boys, The -- Friends On The Road
Bhundu Boys, The -- Pamberi!
Bibb, Eric -- Blues, Ballads & Work Songs
Bibb, Eric -- Blues People
Bibb, Eric -- Deeper In The Well
Bibb, Eric -- Jericho Road
Bibb, Eric -- Migration Blues
Bibb, Eric -- Spirit & The Blues
Bibb, Eric, Rory Block & Maria Muldaur -- Sisters & Brothers
Bibb, Eric & Habib Koite -- Brothers In Bamako
Biddle, Jenny -- Cover To Cover
Biehn, James -- James Biehn
Big Brother & The Holding Company -- Be A Brother
Big Brother & The Holding Company -- Big Brother & The Holding Company
Big Brother & The Holding Company -- Cheap Thrills
Big Brother & The Holding Company -- How Hard It Is
Big Fat Mama -- I Been Around
Big Jake Daddy -- Make Your Peace
Big Sleep -- Bluebell Wood
Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings -- Anyway The Wind Blows
Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings -- Rocking The Roots
Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings -- Struttin' Our Stuff
Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings -- Studio Time
Bisson, Andre -- Bad Scene
Bisson, Andre -- Beyond The Covers
Bisson, Andre -- Break
Bisson, Andre -- Rhythm & Blues Experience
Bisson, Andre -- Till The Real Thing Comes Along
Bjork -- Biophilia
Bjork -- Bjork
Bjork -- Debut
Bjork -- Homogenic
Bjork -- Medulla
Bjork -- Post
Bjork -- Utopia
Bjork -- Vespertine
Bjork -- Volta
Bjork -- Vulnicura
Black Cat Bone -- Taylor Made
Black Cat Bones -- Barbed Wire Sandwich
Black Cat Road -- Black Cat Road
Black Circles, The -- Hold On
Black Cobra -- Bestial
Black Cobra -- Chronomerga
Black Cobra -- Feather And Stone
Black Cobra -- Invernal
Black Country Communion -- 2
Black Country Communion -- Afterglow
Black Country Communion -- BCCIV
Black Country Communion -- Black Country Communion
Black Country Communion -- Live Over Europe
Black Crowes, The -- Amorica
Black Crowes, The -- Before The Frost...Until The Freeze
Black Crowes, The -- By Your Side
Black Crowes, The -- Croweology
Black Crowes, The -- Lions
Black Crowes, The -- Shake Your Money Maker
Black Crowes, The -- Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, The
Black Crowes, The -- Three Snakes And One Charm
Black Crowes, The -- Warpaint
Black Eyed Peas, The -- Beginning, The
Black Eyed Peas, The -- Behind The Front
Black Eyed Peas, The -- Bridging The Gap
Black Eyed Peas, The -- E.N.D., The
Black Eyed Peas, The -- Elephunk
Black Eyed Peas, The -- Monkey Business
Black Eyed Vermillion -- Never Shed A Bloody Tear
Black Keys, The -- Attack & Release
Black Keys, The -- Big Come Up, The
Black Keys, The -- Brothers
Black Keys, The -- El Camino
Black Keys, The -- Magic Potion
Black Keys, The -- Rubber Factory
Black Keys, The -- Thickfreakness
Black Keys, The -- Turn Blue
Black Keys, The & Damon Nash -- Blakroc
Black Label Society -- 1919 Eternal
Black Label Society -- Blessed Hellride, The
Black Label Society -- Catacombs Of The Black Vatican
Black Label Society -- Hangover Music Vol. VI
Black Label Society -- Mafia
Black Label Society -- Order Of The Black
Black Label Society -- Shot To Hell
Black Label Society -- Sonic Brew
Black Label Society -- Stronger Than Death
Black Majesty -- In Your Honor
Black Majesty -- Sands Of Time
Black Majesty -- Silent Company
Black Majesty -- Stargazer
Black Majesty -- Tomorrowland
Black Mountain -- Black Mountain
Black Mountain -- In The Future
Black Mountain -- IV
Black Mountain -- Wilderness Heart
Black Mountain Prophet -- Notorious Sinner
Black Oak -- I'd Rather Be Sailing
Black Oak -- Race With The Devil
Black Oak Arkansas -- Ain't Life Grand
Black Oak Arkansas -- Back Thar N' Over Yonder
Black Oak Arkansas -- Balls Of Fire
Black Oak Arkansas -- Black Oak Arkansas
Black Oak Arkansas -- High On The Hog
Black Oak Arkansas -- If An Angel Came To See You, Would You Make Her Feel At Home
Black Oak Arkansas -- Keep The Faith
Black Oak Arkansas -- Live
Black Oak Arkansas -- Live Mutha
Black Oak Arkansas -- Street Party
Black Oak Arkansas -- X-Rated
Black Pearl -- Black Pearl
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- B.R.M.C.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- Baby 81
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- Beat The Devil's Tattoo
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- Effects Of 333, The
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- Howl
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- Specter At The Feast
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- Take Them On, On Your Own
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- Wrong Creatures
Black Sabbath -- 13
Black Sabbath -- Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath -- Born Again
Black Sabbath -- Cross Purposes
Black Sabbath -- Dehumanizer
Black Sabbath -- Eternal Idol, The
Black Sabbath -- Forbidden
Black Sabbath -- Headless Cross
Black Sabbath -- Heaven And Hell
Black Sabbath -- Live At Last
Black Sabbath -- Live eviL
Black Sabbath -- Master Of Reality
Black Sabbath -- Mob Rules
Black Sabbath -- Never Say Die!
Black Sabbath -- Paranoid
Black Sabbath -- Reunion
Black Sabbath -- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black Sabbath -- Sabotage
Black Sabbath -- Technical Ecstasy
Black Sabbath -- Tyr
Black Sabbath -- Vol 4
Black Sabbath -- We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'N' Roll
Black Slate -- Black Slate
Black Spiders -- Sons Of The North
Black Star Riders -- All Hell Breaks Loose
Black Star Riders -- Heavy Fire
Black Star Riders -- Killer Instinct
Black State Highway -- Black State Highway
Black Stone Cherry -- Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
Black Stone Cherry -- Black Stone Cherry
Black Stone Cherry -- Black To Blues
Black Stone Cherry -- Family Tree
Black Stone Cherry -- Folklore And Superstition
Black Stone Cherry -- Kentucky
Black Stone Cherry -- Magic Mountain
Black Uhuru -- Reggae Greats
Black Veil Brides -- Black Veil Brides
Black Veil Brides -- Set The World On Fire
Black Veil Brides -- Vale
Black Veil Brides -- We Stitch These Wounds
Black Veil Brides -- Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones
Black Whiskey -- Heavy Train
Black Widow -- Black Widow
Black Widow -- Black Widow III
Black Widow -- Black Widow IV
Black Widow -- Return To The Sabbat
Black Widow -- Sacrifice
Blackberry Smoke -- Acoustic Sessions
Blackberry Smoke -- Bad Luck Ain't No Crime
Blackberry Smoke -- Find A Light
Blackberry Smoke -- Holding All The Roses
Blackberry Smoke -- Leave A Scar Live North Caroline
Blackberry Smoke -- Like An Arrow
Blackberry Smoke -- Little Piece Of Dixie
Blackberry Smoke -- Whipporwill, The
Blackfoot -- After The Reign
Blackfoot -- Flyin' High
Blackfoot -- Highway Song Live
Blackfoot -- Marauder
Blackfoot -- Medicine Man
Blackfoot -- No Reservations
Blackfoot -- Siogo
Blackfoot -- Southern Native
Blackfoot -- Strikes
Blackfoot -- Tomcattin'
Blackfoot -- Vertical Smiles
Blackfoot Gypsies -- To The Top
Blackhawk -- Brothers Of The Southland
Blackhawk -- Strong Enough
Blackhorse -- Blackhorse
Blackie And The Rodeo Kings -- Kings And Queens
Blackie And The Rodeo Kings -- South
Blackmore's Night -- All Our Yesterdays
Blackmore's Night -- Autumn Sky
Blackmore's Night -- Dancer And The Moon
Blackmore's Night -- Fires At Midnight
Blackmore's Night -- Ghost of a Rose
Blackmore's Night -- Past Times With Good Company
Blackmore's Night -- Secret Voyage
Blackmore's Night -- Shadow Of The Moon
Blackmore's Night -- Storm
Blackmore's Night -- Under A Violet Moon
Blackmore's Night -- Village Lanterne, The
Blackmore's Night -- Winter Carols
Blackwater Conspiracy -- Shootin' The Breeze
Blackwater Prophet -- Ghost
Blaylock, Hannah -- Bandit Queen
Bleach -- Killing Time
Bleu Rascals -- Badge Of Courage
Blind Faith -- Blind Faith
Blind Lemon Peel -- Don't Tear My Clothes
Blind Melon -- Blind Melon
Blind Melon -- For My Friends
Blind Melon -- Nico
Blind Melon -- Soup
Blindside Thunder -- 100 Proof
Blink-182 -- Blink-182
Blink-182 -- California
Blink-182 -- Cheshire Cat
Blink-182 -- Dude Ranch
Blink-182 -- Enema Of The State
Blink-182 -- Neighborhoods
Blink-182 -- Take Off Your Pants And Jacket
Blinn, John -- Portraits
Block, Rory -- Ain't I A Woman
Block, Rory -- Angel Of Mercy
Block, Rory -- Avalon: A Tribute To Mississippi John Hurt
Block, Rory -- Best Blues & Originals
Block, Rory -- Best Blues & Originals: Volume 2
Block, Rory -- Blueswalkin' Like A Man: A Tribute To Sun House
Block, Rory -- Confessions Of A Blues Singer
Block, Rory -- From The Dust
Block, Rory -- Hard Luck Child: A Tribute To Skip James
Block, Rory -- High Heeled Blues
Block, Rory -- House Of Hearts
Block, Rory -- I Belong To The Band: A Tribute To Rev. Gary Davis
Block, Rory -- I'm Every Woman
Block, Rory -- I'm In Love
Block, Rory -- I've Got A Rock In My Sock!
Block, Rory -- Keepin' Outta Trouble: A Tribute To Bukka White
Block, Rory -- Lady And Mr. Johnson, The
Block, Rory -- Last Fair Deal
Block, Rory -- Mama's Blues
Block, Rory -- Rhinestones & Steel Strings
Block, Rory -- Shake 'Em On Down: A Tribute To Mississippi Fred McDonell
Block, Rory -- Tornado
Block, Rory -- Turning Point
Block, Rory -- When A Woman Gets The Blues
Block, Rory -- You're The One
Blodwyn Pig -- Ahead Rings Out
Blodwyn Pig -- Getting To This
Blonde Roots -- Rockin' The Blues
Blondie -- Autoamerican
Blondie -- Blondie
Blondie -- Blondie 4(0) Ever
Blondie -- Curse Of Blondie, The
Blondie -- Eat To The Beat
Blondie -- Hunter, The
Blondie -- No Exit
Blondie -- Panic Of Girls
Blondie -- Parallel Lines
Blondie -- Plastic Letters
Blondie -- Pollinator
Blood, Sweat & Tears -- Blood, Sweat & Tears
Blood, Sweat & Tears -- Blood, Sweat & Tears 3
Blood, Sweat & Tears -- Child Is Father To The Man
Bloodline -- Bloodline
Bloodrock -- Bloodrock
Bloodrock -- Bloodrock 2
Bloodrock -- Bloodrock 3
Bloodrock -- Dead On Arrival
Bloodrock -- Live
Bloodrock -- Passage
Bloodrock -- Unspoken Words
Bloodrock -- U.S.A.
Bloodrock -- Whirlwind Tongues
Bloomfield, Michael -- It's Not Killing Me
Blow -- When I'm Gone
Blue Cheer -- Beast Is Back, The
Blue Cheer -- Blitzkrieg Over Nuremberg
Blue Cheer -- Blue Cheer
Blue Cheer -- Dining With The Sharks
Blue Cheer -- Hello Tokyo, Bye Bye Osaka: Live In Japan
Blue Cheer -- Highlights And Lowlives
Blue Cheer -- New! Improved!
Blue Cheer -- Oh! Pleasant Hope
Blue Cheer -- Original Human Being, The
Blue Cheer -- Outsideinside
Blue Cheer -- Vincebus Eruptum
Blue Cheer -- What Doesn't Kill You...
Blue Goose -- Blue Goose
Blue Mother Tupelo -- Only Sunshine
Blue Mountain Eagle -- Blue Mountain Eagle
Blue Mules, The -- Blues Ain't That Bad
Blue Oyster Cult -- A Long Day's Night
Blue Oyster Cult -- Agents Of Fortune
Blue Oyster Cult -- Blue Oyster Cult
Blue Oyster Cult -- Club Ninja
Blue Oyster Cult -- Cultosaurus Erectus
Blue Oyster Cult -- Curse Of The Hidden Mirror
Blue Oyster Cult -- Extraterrestrial Live
Blue Oyster Cult -- Fire Of Unknown Origin
Blue Oyster Cult -- Heaven Forbid
Blue Oyster Cult -- Imaginos
Blue Oyster Cult -- Mirrors
Blue Oyster Cult -- On Your Feet Or On Your Knees
Blue Oyster Cult -- Revolution By Night
Blue Oyster Cult -- Secret Treaties
Blue Oyster Cult -- Some Enchanted Evening
Blue Oyster Cult -- Spectres
Blue Oyster Cult -- Tyranny And Mutation
Blue Radio -- Blue Radio
Blue Town -- Blue Town
Blue Whale -- Blue Whale
Blue, David -- David Blue
Blue, David -- Nice Baby And The Angel
Blue, David -- Stories
Blue, David -- These 23 Days In September
Blue, Dianne -- Blues In My Soul
Blues Band, The -- Back For More
Blues Band, The -- Live At Rockpalast
Blues Band, The -- Ready
Blues Band, The -- These Kind Of Blues
Blues Brothers, The -- Blues Brothers 2000 OST
Blues Brothers, The -- Blues Brothers OST, The
Blues Brothers, The -- Briefcase Full Of Blues
Blues Brothers, The -- Made In America
Blues Company, The -- Ain't Nothing But...
Blues Engine -- Quick And The Dirty, The
Blues 'N' Trouble -- With Friends Like These
Blues Project, The -- Blues Project
Blues Project, The -- Lazarus
Blues Project, The -- Live At The Cafe Au Go Go
Blues Project, The -- Live At Town Hall
Blues Project, The -- Planned Obsolescence
Blues Project, The -- Projections
Blues Rebels, The -- Open Road
Blues Traveler -- Bastardos!
Blues Traveler -- Blow Up The Moon
Blues Traveler -- Blues Traveler
Blues Traveler -- Bridge
Blues Traveler -- Cover Yourself
Blues Traveler -- Four
Blues Traveler -- Live From The Fall
Blues Traveler -- North Hollywood Shootout
Blues Traveler -- Save His Soul
Blues Traveler -- Straight On Till Morning
Blues Traveler -- Suzie Cracks The Whip
Blues Traveler -- Travelers & Thieves
Blues Traveler -- Truth Be Told
BluesHammer, The -- Can't Stop
Bluesville Station -- Rolling Stock
Blunstone, Colin -- Late Nights In Soho
Blunstone, Colin -- One Year
Blunt, James -- Afterlove, The
Blunt, James -- Back To Bedlam
Blunt, James -- Some Kind Of Trouble
Blur -- 13
Blur -- Blur
Blur -- Great Escape, The
Blur -- Leisure
Blur -- Magic Whip, The
Blur -- Modern Life Is Rubbish
Blur -- Parklife
Blur -- Think Tank
Bodkin -- Bodkin
Bolin, Tommy -- Private Eyes
Bolin, Tommy -- Teaser
Bomshel -- Fight Like A Girl
Bon Jovi -- 7800 Fahrenheit
Bon Jovi -- Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi -- Bounce
Bon Jovi -- Burning Bridges
Bon Jovi -- Circle, The
Bon Jovi -- Cross Road
Bon Jovi -- Crush
Bon Jovi -- Have A Nice Day
Bon Jovi -- Keep The Faith
Bon Jovi -- Lost Highway
Bon Jovi -- New Jersey
Bon Jovi -- One Wild Night: Live 1985-2001
Bon Jovi -- Slippery When Wet
Bon Jovi -- These Days
Bon Jovi -- This House Is Not For Sale
Bon Jovi -- This Left Feels Right
Bon Jovi -- What About Now
Bon Jovi, Jon -- Blaze Of Glory: Young Guns II
Bonamassa, Joe -- A New Day Yesterday
Bonamassa, Joe -- A New Day Yesterday Live
Bonamassa, Joe -- An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House
Bonamassa, Joe -- Ballad Of John Henry, The
Bonamassa, Joe -- BBC Sessions 2006 & 2008
Bonamassa, Joe -- Beacon Theatre: Live From New York
Bonamassa, Joe -- Black Rock
Bonamassa, Joe -- Blues Deluxe
Bonamasas, Joe -- Blues Of Desperation
Bonamassa, Joe -- Different Shades Of Blue
Bonamassa, Joe -- Driving Towards The Daylight
Bonamassa, Joe -- Dust Bowl
Bonamassa, Joe -- Had To Cry Today
Bonamassa, Joe -- Live At Carnegie Hall: An Acoustic Evening
Bonamassa, Joe -- Live At Radio City Music Hall
Bonamassa, Joe -- Live At The BBC 2010
Bonamassa, Joe -- Live At The Greek Theatre
Bonamassa, Joe -- Live From Nowhere In Particular
Bonamassa, Joe -- Live From The Royal Albert Hall
Bonamassa, Joe -- Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks
Bonamassa, Joe -- No Hits, No Hype, Just The Best
Bonamassa, Joe -- Rockin' Christmas Blues
Bonamassa, Joe -- Shepherd's Bush 2007 & BBC Session 2006
Bonamassa, Joe -- Sloe Gin
Bonamassa, Joe -- So, Its Like That
Bonamassa, Joe -- Tour de Force: The Borderline
Bonamassa, Joe -- Tour de Force: Hammersmith Apollo
Bonamassa, Joe -- Tour de Force: Royal Albert Hall
Bonamassa, Joe -- Tour de Force: Shepherd's Bush Empire
Bonamassa, Joe -- You & Me
Bond Organization, The Graham -- Sound Of '65, The
Bond Organization, The Graham -- There's A Bond Between Us
Bond, Debbie -- Enjoy The Ride (Shoals Session)
Bonelli, Regina -- Open Up The Door
Boners, The -- Hell Yeah
Bonet, Shelly -- Love in A Dangerous World
Bonfanti, Marcus -- Shake The Walls
Bonham, Deborah -- For You And The Moon
Bonham, Deborah -- Old Hyde, The
Bonham, Deborah -- Spirit
Bonjah -- Beautiful Wild
Bonnet, Graham -- Back Row In The Stalls
Bonnet, Graham -- Book, The
Bonnet, Graham -- Day I Went Mad, the
Bonnet, Graham -- Graham Bonnet
Bonnet, Graham -- Here Comes The Night
Bonnet, Graham -- Line-Up
Bonnet, Graham -- No Bad Habits
Bonnet, Graham -- Private I: the Archives, Vol.1
Bonnet, Graham -- Underground
Bonoff, Karla -- Karla Bonoff
Bonoff, Karla -- Restless Nights
Booker T & The MGs -- Green Onions
Booker, Steve -- Dreamworld
Boomtown Rats, The -- A Tonic For The Troops
Boomtown Rats, The -- Boomtown Rats, The
Boomtown Rats, The -- Fine Art Of Surfacing, The
Border Avenue -- Border Avenue
Border Avenue -- Fire
Boston -- Boston
Boston -- Corporate America
Boston -- Don't Look Back
Boston -- Life, Love & Hope
Boston -- Third Stage
Boston -- Walk On
Bouchard, Joe -- Power Of Music, The
Bowes & Morley -- Moving Swiftly Along
Bowie, David -- Aladdin Sane
Bowie, David -- Black Tie White Noise
Bowie, David -- Blackstar
Bowie, David -- David Bowie
Bowie, David -- Diamond Dogs
Bowie, David -- EART HL I NG
Bowie, David -- Heathen
Bowie, David -- Heroes
Bowie, David -- Hours
Bowie, David -- Hunky Dory
Bowie, David -- Let's Dance
Bowie, David -- Lodger
Bowie, David -- Low
Bowie, David -- Man Who Sold the World, The
Bowie, David -- Never Let Me Down
Bowie, David -- Next Day, The
Bowie, David -- Outside
Bowie, David -- Pin Ups
Bowie, David -- Reality
Bowie, David -- Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
Bowie, David -- Space Oddity
Bowie, David -- Station To Station
Bowie, David -- Tonight
Bowie, David -- Young Americans
Bowie, David -- Ziggy Stardust
Box Tops, The -- Cry Like A Baby
Box Tops, The -- Letter, The / Neon Rainbow
Boxer -- Absolutely
Boxer -- Below The Belt
Boxer -- Bloodletting
Boyes, Fiona -- Box & Dice
Bradford, Tim -- Drinking Alone
Brahim, Aziza -- Abbar Of Hamada
Brainbox -- 3rd Floor, The
Brainbox -- Brainbox
Brainbox -- Parts
Bramblett, Randall -- Devil Music
Bramlett, Bonnie -- Sweet Bonnie Bramlett
Bramlett, Delaney -- Mobius Strip
Bramlett, Delaney -- Something's Coming (Heartbeat)
Bratley, Craig -- Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
Brave Belt -- Brave Belt
Brave Belt -- Brave Belt II
Bread -- Baby I'm A-Want You
Bread -- Bread
Bread -- Essentials
Bread -- Guitar Man
Bread -- Lost Without Your Love
Bread -- Manna
Bread -- On The Waters
Brewer & Shipley -- Down In L.A
Brewer & Shipley -- ST 11261
Brewer & Shipley -- Tarkio
Brewer & Shipley -- Weeds
Briggs, Anne -- A Collection
Briggs, Anne -- Anne Briggs
Briggs, Anne -- Sing A Song For You
Briggs, Anne -- Time Has Come, The
Brody, Dean -- Gypsy Road
Broken Down Guitars -- Everything You Need
Bromberg, David -- Wanted Dead Or Alive
Brooks, Garth -- Blame It All On My Roots: Five Decades of Influences
Brooks, Garth -- Chase, The
Brooks, Garth -- Fresh Horses
Brooks, Garth -- Garth Brooks
Brooks, Garth -- Gunslinger
Brooks, Garth -- Hits, The
Brooks, Garth -- In Pieces
Brooks, Garth -- Man Against Machine
Brooks, Garth -- No Fences
Brooks, Garth -- Ropin' The Wind
Brooks, Garth -- Scarecrow
Brooks, Garth -- Sevens
Brooks, Luke -- Bonfire & Whiskey
Brooks, Meredith -- Bad Bad One
Brooks, Meredith -- Blurring The Edges
Brooks, Meredith -- Deconstruction
Brooks, Meredith -- See It Through My Eyes
Brooks, Meredith -- Shine
Brother Chunky -- And Stuff
Brother Firetribe -- Diamond In The Firepit
Brother Firetribe -- False Metal
Brother Firetribe -- Heart Full Of Fire
Brother Firetribe -- Sunbound
Broughtons, The -- Parlez-Vous English?
Brown, Arthur -- Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, The
Brown, Barry -- Far East
Brown, Chuck & Eva Cassidy -- Other Side, The
Brown, Dennis -- Let Me Be The One
Brown, Dennis -- Victory is Mine
Brown, James -- 20 All-Time Greatest Hits
Brown, James -- Hell
Brown, James -- In The Jungle Groove
Brown, James -- Jazz
Brown, James -- Motherlode
Brown, James -- Number 1's
Brown, James -- Plays Nothing But Soul
Brown, James -- Plays The Real Thing
Brown, James -- Sex Machine
Brown, Keith B -- Down The Line
Brown, Kenny -- Goin' Back To Mississippi
Brown, Oli -- Heads I Win Tails You Lose
Brown, Oli -- Open Road
Brown, Sugar -- Poor Lazarus
Brown, Sugar -- Sugar Brown's Sad Day
Brown, Texas Johnny -- Blues Defender
Brown, Zac -- Other Man, The
Browne, Jackson -- For Everyman
Browne, Jackson -- Jackson Browne
Browne, Jackson -- Late For The Sky
Browne, Jackson -- Pretender, The
Browne, Jackson -- Standing In The Breach
Brubeck, Dave -- Greatest Hits
Bruce, Jack & Robin Trower -- Seven Moons
Bruce, Jack & Robin Trower -- Songs From The Road
Bruce, Jack & Robin Trower -- Truce
Bruce, Jack, Bill Lordan & Robin Trower -- B.L.T.
Bruce, Jack -- A Question Of Time
Bruce, Jack -- Automatic
Bruce, Jack -- Harmony Row
Bruce, Jack -- How's Tricks
Bruce, Jack -- I Have Always Wanted To Do This
Bruce, Jack -- Jet Set Jewel
Bruce, Jack -- Monkjack
Bruce, Jack -- More Jack Than God
Bruce, Jack -- Out Of The Storm
Bruce, Jack -- Shadows In The Air
Bruce, Jack -- Silver Rails
Bruce, Jack -- Something Els
Bruce, Jack -- Songs For A Tailor
Bruce, Jack -- Things We Like
Bruford -- Feels Good To Me
Bruford -- One Of A Kind
Bryan Ferry Orchestra, The -- Jazz Age, The
Bryan, Luke -- Crash My Party
Bryan, Luke -- Doin' My Thing
Bryan, Luke -- I'll Stay Me
Bryan, Luke -- Kill The Lights
Bryan, Luke -- Spring Break...Here To Party
Bryan, Luke -- Tailgates & Tanlines
Bryant, Danny -- Big: Live In Europe
Bryant, Danny -- Black And White
Bryant, Danny -- Blood Money
Bryant, Danny -- Covering Their Tracks
Bryant, Danny -- Danny Bryant's Red Eye Band
Bryant, Danny -- Days Like This
Bryant, Danny -- Hurricane
Bryant, Danny -- Just As I Am
Bryant, Danny -- Live
Bryant, Danny -- Long Live Blues!
Bryant, Danny -- Night Life Live In Holland
Bryant, Danny -- Revelation
Bryant, Danny -- Shadows Passed
Bryant, Danny -- Temperature Rising
Bryant, Danny -- Watching You!
Bubien, Dan -- Empty Roads
Buchanan, Roy -- A Street Called Straight
Buchanan, Roy -- Buch And The Snake Stretchers
Buchanan, Roy -- Dancing On The Edge
Buchanan, Roy -- Early Years, The
Buchanan, Roy -- Hot Wires
Buchanan, Roy -- In The Beginning
Buchanan, Roy -- Loading Zone
Buchanan, Roy -- Malageuna
Buchanan, Roy -- My Babe
Buchanan, Roy -- Prophet, The
Buchanan, Roy -- Roy Buchanan
Buchanan, Roy -- Second Album
Buchanan, Roy -- That's What I Am Here For
Buchanan, Roy -- When A Guitar Plays The Blues
Buchanan, Roy -- You're Not Alone
Buckingham Nicks -- Buckingham Nicks
Buckingham, Lindsey -- Gift Of Screws
Buckingham, Lindsey -- Go Insane
Buckingham, Lindsey -- Law And Order
Buckingham, Lindsey -- Out Of The Cradle
Buckingham, Lindsey -- Seeds We Sow
Buckingham, Lindsey -- Under The Skin
Buckingham, Lindsey & Christine McVie -- Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie
Buckingham, Lindsey & Stevie Nicks -- Buckingham Nicks
Buckley, Jeff -- Grace
Buckley, Jeff -- You And I
Buckley, Tim -- Blue Afternoon
Buckley, Tim -- Goodbye And Hello
Buckley, Tim -- Greetings From L.A.
Buckley, Tim -- Happy Sad
Buckley, Tim -- Look At The Fool
Buckley, Tim -- Lorca
Buckley, Tim -- Sefronia
Buckley, Tim -- Starsailor
Buckley, Tim -- Tim Buckley
Bud Spencer Blues Explosion -- BSB3
Buddy Miles Express -- Electric Church
Buddy Miles Express -- Expressway To Your Skull
Budgie -- Bandolier
Budgie -- Budgie
Budgie -- Deliver Us From Evil
Budgie -- If I Were Brittania I'd Waive The Rules
Budgie -- Impeckable
Budgie -- In For The Kill
Budgie -- Never Turn Your Back On A Friend
Budgie -- Nightflight
Budgie -- Power Supply
Budgie -- Squawk
Budgie -- You're All Living In Cuckooland
Buffalo -- Average Rock 'N' Roller
Buffalo -- Dead Forever ...
Buffalo -- Only Want You For Your Body
Buffalo -- Volcanic Rock
Buffalo Springfield -- Buffalo Springfield
Buffalo Springfield -- Buffalo Springfield Again
Buffalo Springfield -- Down To The Wire
Buffalo Springfield -- Last Time Around
Bulldog Breed -- Bulldog Breed
Bullet For My Valentine -- Fever
Bullet For My Valentine -- Poison, The
Bullet For My Valentine -- Scream Aim Fire
Bullet For My Valentine -- Temper Temper
Bullet For My Valentine -- Venom
Bullfrog -- Clearwater
Burdon, Eric -- 'Till Your River Runs Dry
Burdon, Eric & The Animals -- Eric Is Here
Burdon, Eric & The Animals -- Every One Of Us
Burdon, Eric & The Animals -- Love Is
Burdon, Eric & The Animals -- Twain Shall Meet, The
Burdon, Eric & The Animals -- Winds Of Change
Burdon, Eric & War -- Eric Burdon Declares 'War'
Burke, Solomon -- If You Need Me
Burke, Solomon -- Rock 'n' Soul
Burke, Solomon -- Solomon Burke
Burks, Michael -- Alligator Records Years, The
Burks, Michael -- From The Inside Out
Burks, Michael -- I Smell Smoke
Burks, Michael -- I'm A Bluesman
Burks, Michael -- Iron Man
Burks, Michael -- Make It Rain
Burks, Michael -- Show Of Strength
Burn The Priest (Lamb Of God) -- Burn The Priest
Burnett, T Bone -- T Bone Burnett
Burnett, T Bone -- Talking Animals, The
Burnett, T Bone -- Truth Decay
Burning Brides -- Fall Of The Plastic Empire
Burning Rain -- Burning Rain
Burning Rain -- Epic Obsession
Burning Rain -- Pleasure To Burn
Burning Spear -- Jah Kingdom
Burning Spear -- Marcus Garvey
Burns Blue -- What If
Burns, Vinny -- Journey, The
Burnt Belief -- Etymology
Bush (1) -- Bush
Bush (2) -- Golden State
Bush (2) -- Man On The Run
Bush (2) -- Razorblade Suitcase
Bush (2) -- Science Of Things, The
Bush (2) -- Sea Of Memories, The
Bush (2) -- Sixteen Stone
Bush, Kate -- 50 Words For Snow
Bush, Kate -- Aerial
Bush, Kate -- Before The Dawn
Bush, Kate -- Director's Cut
Bush, Kate -- Dreaming, The
Bush, Kate -- Hounds Of Love
Bush, Kate -- Kick Inside, The
Bush, Kate -- Lionheart
Bush, Kate -- Never For Ever
Bush, Kate -- Red Shoes, The
Bush, Kate -- Sensual World, The
Bush, Kristian -- Southern Gravity
Butchers Blind -- Destination Blues
Butler, Jody -- Got Some Jody In Me
Butler, Rhetta -- Still Rockin'
Butterfield Blues Band, The -- East West
Butterfield Blues Band, The -- In My Own Dream
Butterfield Blues Band, The -- Keep On Moving
Butterfield Blues Band, The -- Live
Butterfield Blues Band, The -- Paul Butterfield Blues Band, The
Butterfield Blues Band, The -- Resurrection Of Pigboy Crabshaw, The
Butterfield Blues Band, The -- Sometimes I Just Feel Like Smilin'
Butterfield, Paul -- Put It In Your Ear
Butts Band -- Butts Band
Butts Band -- Hear And Now
Buxton, Sarah -- Sarah Buxton
Buzzcocks -- A Different Kind Of Tension
Buzzcocks -- All Set
Buzzcocks -- Another Music In A Different Kitchen
Buzzcocks -- Buzzcocks
Buzzcocks -- Flat-Pack Philosophy
Buzzcocks -- Love Bites
Buzzcocks -- Modern
Buzzcocks -- Singles Going Steady
Buzzcocks -- Trade Test Transmissions
Buzzcocks -- Way, The
Bygraves, Max -- I Wanna Sing You A Song
Byrd, Jonathan -- Law And The Lonesome, The
Byrds, The -- (Untitled)
Byrds, The -- Ballad Of Easy Rider
Byrds, The -- Byrdmaniax
Byrds, The -- Byrds
Byrds, The -- Dr Byrds & Mr Hyde
Byrds, The -- Farther Along
Byrds, The -- Fifth Dimension
Byrds, The -- Live At The Fillmore: February 1969
Byrds, The -- Mr Tambourine Man
Byrds, The -- Notorious Byrd Brothers, The
Byrds, The -- Sweetheart Of The Rodeo
Byrds, The -- Turn! Turn! Turn!
Byrds, The -- Yesterday's Train
Byrds, The -- Younger Than Yesterday
Byron, David -- Baby Faced Killer
Byron, David -- Take No Prisoners
Byzantium -- Byzantium
Byzantium -- Live & Studio

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