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R.E.M. -- Accelerate
R.E.M. -- Around The Sun
R.E.M. -- Automatic For The People
R.E.M. -- Collapse Into Now
R.E.M. -- Document
R.E.M. -- Fables Of The Reconstruction
R.E.M. -- Green
R.E.M. -- Lifes Rich Pageant
R.E.M. -- Murmer
R.E.M. -- New Adventures In Hi-Fi
R.E.M. -- Out Of Time
R.E.M. -- Reckoning
R.E.M. -- Reveal
R.E.M. -- Up
R.E.M. -- Very Best, The
Radiants, The -- Singles 1962-1965, The
Radio Caroline -- Legend Lives On, The
Radiohead -- A Moon Shaped Pool
Radiohead -- Amnesiac
Radiohead -- Bends, The
Radiohead -- Kid A
Radiohead -- OK Computer
Rae, Michaela -- Blues With A Backbone
Rag 'n' Boneman -- Human
Rage -- Live 'N' Dirty
Rage -- Run For The Night
Rage Against The Machine -- Battle Of Los Angeles, The
Rage Against The Machine -- Evil Empire
Rage Against The Machine -- Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against The Machine -- Renegades
Rainbow -- Bent Out Of Shape
Rainbow -- Best Of Rainbow, The
Rainbow -- Difficult To Cure
Rainbow -- Down To Earth
Rainbow -- Finyl Vinyl
Rainbow -- Live In Germany 1976
Rainbow -- Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
Rainbow -- Memories In Rock: Live In Germany
Rainbow -- Rainbow On Stage
Rainbow -- Rising
Rainbow -- Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
Rainbow -- Straight Between The Eyes
Rainbow -- Stranger In Us All
Raines, Darrell -- Moanin' Time
Raitt, Bonnie -- Best Of Bonnie Raitt On Capitol (1989-2003), The
Raitt, Bonnie -- Bonnie Raitt
Raitt, Bonnie -- Dig In Deep
Raitt, Bonnie -- Fundamental
Raitt, Bonnie -- Give It Up
Raitt, Bonnie -- Glow, The
Raitt, Bonnie -- Green Light
Raitt, Bonnie -- Home Plate
Raitt, Bonnie -- Longing In Their Hearts
Raitt, Bonnie -- Luck Of The Draw
Raitt, Bonnie -- Nick Of Time
Raitt, Bonnie -- Nine Lives
Raitt, Bonnie -- Silver Lining
Raitt, Bonnie -- Slipstream
Raitt, Bonnie -- Souls Alike
Raitt, Bonnie -- Streetlights
Raitt, Bonnie -- Sweet Forgiveness
Raitt, Bonnie -- Takin' My Time
Ram Jam -- Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Ram
Ram Jam -- Ram Jam
Ramases -- Space Hymns
Ramblin' Jack Elliott -- Bull Durham Sacks & Railroad Tracks
Ramblin' Jack Elliott -- Jack Elliott
Ramblin' Jack Elliott -- Live 1965
Ramblin' Jack Elliott -- Young Brigham
Rammstein -- Dem Regen
Rammstein -- Herzeleid
Rammstein -- Liebe Ist Fr Alle Da
Rammstein -- Mutter
Rammstein -- Reise, Reise
Rammstein -- Rosenrot
Rammstein -- Sehnsucht
Ramones -- Acid Eaters
Ramones -- Adios Amigos!
Ramones -- Animal Boy
Ramones -- Brain Drain
Ramones -- End Of The Century
Ramones -- Halfway To Sanity
Ramones -- Leave Home
Ramones -- Mondo Bizarro
Ramones -- Pleasant Dreams
Ramones -- Ramones
Ramones -- Road To Ruin
Ramones -- Rocket To Russia
Ramones -- Subterranean Jungle
Ramones -- Too Tough To Die
Rare Earth -- Dreams Answers
Rare Earth -- Get Ready
Rascal Flatts -- Back To Us
Rascal Flatts -- Best Of (Live), The
Rascal Flatts -- Best Of Ballads, The
Rascal Flatts -- Changed
Rascal Flatts -- Feels Like Today
Rascal Flatts -- Greatest Hits, The
Rascal Flatts -- Me & My Gang
Rascal Flatts -- Melt
Rascal Flatts -- Nothing Like This
Rascal Flatts -- Rascal Flatts
Rascal Flatts -- Rewind
Rascal Flatts -- Still Feels Good
Rascal Flatts -- Unstoppable
Rated X -- Rated X
Ratpack, The -- A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
Ratpack, The -- Begin The Beguine
Ratpack, The -- Blue Skies
Ratpack, The -- Everybody Love Somebody
Ratpack, The -- I've Got You Under My Skin
Ratpack, The -- Live In Las Vegas
Ratpack, The -- Live In St. Louis With Count Basie
Ratpack, The -- My Way
Ratpack, The -- Night And Day
Ratpack, The -- Some Enchanted Evening
Ratpack, The -- That's Amore
Ratpack, The -- You're Nobody Until Somebody Loves You
Ratt -- Invasion Of Your Privacy
Ravidson -- Rising
Ravinia -- Beyond The Walls Of Death
Ray, Johnnie -- Great Johnnie Ray, The
Rea, Chris -- Auberge
Rea, Chris -- Blue Cafe, The
Rea, Chris -- Blue Guitars
Rea, Chris -- Blue Jukebox, The
Rea, Chris -- Blue Street (Five Guitars)
Rea, Chris -- Chris Rea
Rea, Chris -- Dancing Down The Stony Road
Rea, Chris -- Dancing With Strangers
Rea, Chris -- Deltics
Rea, Chris -- Espresso Logic
Rea, Chris -- God's Great Banana Skin
Rea, Chris -- Hofner Blue Notes
Rea, Chris -- King Of The Beach
Rea, Chris -- On The Beach
Rea, Chris -- Return Of The Fabulous Hofner Blue Notes, The
Rea, Chris -- Road Songs For Lovers
Rea, Chris -- Road To Hell, The
Rea, Chris -- Road To Hell - Part 2, The
Rea, Chris -- Road To Hell And Back, The
Rea, Chris -- Santo Spirito Blues
Rea, Chris -- Shamrock Diaries
Rea, Chris -- Tennis
Rea, Chris -- Water Sign
Rea, Chris -- Whatever Happened To Benny Santini
Rea, Chris -- Wired To The Moon
Reality Suite -- Skinn
Red Butler -- Freedom Bound
Red Dirt Skinners, The -- Sinking The Mary Rose
Red Hot Chili Peppers -- Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Red Hot Chili Peppers -- Mother's Milk
Redbone -- Potlatch
Redbone -- Redbone
Reddick, Paul -- Ride The One
Redding, Otis -- Complete & Unbelievable - The Otis Redding Dictionary Of Soul
Redding, Otis -- Dock Of The Bay, The
Redding, Otis -- Great Otis Redding Sings Soul Ballads, The
Redding, Otis -- Live In Europe
Redding, Otis -- Otis Blue - Otis Redding Sings Soul
Redding, Otis -- Pain In My Heart
Redding, Otis -- Soul Album, The
Redding, Otis -- Tell The Truth
Redwing -- Dead Or Alive
Redwing -- Redwing
Redwing -- Take Me Home
Redwing -- What This Country Needs
Reed, Dan -- An Evening With Dan Reed
Reed, Dan -- Coming Up For Air
Reed, Dan -- Confessions
Reed, Dan -- In Between The Noise
Reed, Dan -- Signal Fire
Reed, Dan -- Transmission
Reed, Lou -- Transformer
Reed, Lou & Metallica -- Lulu
Reef -- Getaway
Reef -- Glow
Reef -- Replenish
Reef -- Rides
Reese, Patty -- Let In The Sun
Reeves, Martha & The Vandellas -- 24 Greatest Hits
Refurbished -- Only Want The Best
Reid, Junior -- Boom Shack A Lack
Reid, Junior -- True World Order
Reid, Terry -- Bang Bang You're Terry Reid
Reid, Terry -- Driver, The
Reid, Terry -- River
Reid, Terry -- Rogue Waves
Reid, Terry -- Seed Of Memory
Reid, Terry -- Terry Reid
Rein, Diana -- Back Room, The
Rein, Diana -- Long Road
Reiter, Jimmy -- High Priest Of Nothing
Relay -- Circuit Breaker
Relay -- Switch
Rembrandts, The -- L.P
Renbourn, John -- A Maid In Bedlam
Renbourn, John -- Faro Annie
Renbourn, John -- Hermit, The
Renbourn, John -- Lady And The Unicorn, The
REO Speedwagon -- Best Foot Forward
REO Speedwagon -- Building The Bridge
REO Speedwagon -- Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken, The
REO Speedwagon -- Find Your Own Way Home
REO Speedwagon -- Good Trouble
REO Speedwagon -- Hi-Infidelity
REO Speedwagon -- Hits, The
REO Speedwagon -- Life As We Know It
REO Speedwagon -- Lost In A Dream
REO Speedwagon -- Nine Lives
REO Speedwagon -- Not So Silent Night... Christmas With REO Speedwagon
REO Speedwagon -- R.E.O.
REO Speedwagon -- R.E.O. Speedwagon
REO Speedwagon -- R.E.O. / T.W.O.
REO Speedwagon -- Ridin' The Storm Out
REO Speedwagon -- This Time We Mean It
REO Speedwagon -- Wheels Are Turnin'
REO Speedwagon -- You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish
Residents, The -- Commercial Album, The
ReVamp -- ReVamp
ReVamp -- Wild Card
Reverse Engineers, The -- Max Q
Revolution Saints -- Revolution Saints
Revulsed -- Infernal Atrocity
Rich, Wendy -- Driver
Richards, Keith -- Crosseyed Heart
Richards, Keith -- Main Offender
Richards, Keith -- Talk Is Cheap
Richardson, Jamell -- Blues How I Wanna Blues
Richardson, Joe -- Somhelgisfel
Richardson, Joe -- This Town
Richey, Kelly -- Shakedown Soul
Richie, Lionel -- Renaissance
Richie, Lionel -- Tuskegee
Riddell, Alastair -- Space Waltz
Rides, The -- Can't Get Enough
Rides, The -- Pierced Arrow
Ridgley, Tommy -- Since The Blues Began
Riff Riders -- Hit The Road
Rihanna -- A Girl Like Me
Rihanna -- ANTI
Rihanna -- Good Girl Gone Bad
Rihanna -- Loud
Rihanna -- Music Of The Sun
Rihanna -- Rated R
Rihanna -- Talk That Talk
Rihanna -- Unapologetic
Rimes, LeAnn -- All-Time Greatest Hits
Rimes, LeAnn -- Best Of, The
Rimes, LeAnn -- Dance Like You Don't Give A.... Greatest Hits Remixes
Rimes, LeAnn -- Family
Rimes, LeAnn -- I Need You
Rimes, LeAnn -- Lady & Gentlemen
Rimes, LeAnn -- This Woman
Riot -- Army Of One
Riot -- Born In America
Riot -- Fire Down Under
Riot -- Immortal Aoul
Riot -- Inishmore
Riot -- Narita
Riot -- Nightbreaker
Riot -- Privilige Of Power, The
Riot -- Restless Breed
Riot -- Rock City
Riot -- Shine On
Riot -- Sons Of Society
Riot -- Through The Storm
Riot -- Thundersteel
Rising Power -- Power For The People
Rising Sons -- Rising Sons
Rival Sons -- Before The Fire
Rival Sons -- Great Western Valkyrie
Rival Sons -- Head Down
Rival Sons -- Hollow Bones
Rival Sons -- Pressure And Time
Rob Tognoni Band -- Stones And Colours
Roberts, Bill -- Raw Material
Roberts, Rick -- She Is A Song
Roberts, Rick -- Windmills
Robertson, Brian -- Diamonds And Dirt
Robillard, Duke -- Acoustic Blues & Roots Of Duke Robillard, The
Robinson, Adrian -- You Better Run
Robinson, Mark -- Have Axe - Will Groove
Robinson, Mark -- Quit Your Job Play Guitar
Robinson, Smokey -- Smokey
Rock Anthem Orchestra, The -- Welcome To The Machine
Rock Candy Funk Party -- Groove Is King
Rock Candy Funk Party -- Groove³, The
Rock Candy Funk Party -- Live At The Iridium
Rock Candy Funk Party -- We Want Groove
Rock Goddess -- Rock Goddess
Rock Sugar -- Reimaginator
Rockets, The -- Rockets, The
Rockpile -- Seconds Of Pleasure
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The -- Rocky Horror Picture Show, The
Rodgers, Paul -- Now
Rodgers, Paul -- Royal Sessions, The
Rodriguez, Carrie -- Give Me All You Got
Rodriguez, Carrie -- Red Dog Tracks
Rods, The -- Heavier Than Thou
Rods, The -- In The Raw
Rods, The -- Let Them Eat Metal
Rods, The -- Rock Hard
Rods, The -- Wild Dogs
Rogers, Amanda -- Heavy Blue
Rogers, Jimmy -- Blue Bird
Rogers, Jimmy -- Feelin' Good
Rogers, Kenny -- Eyes That See In The Dark
Rogers, Kenny -- Gambler, The
Rogers, Kenny -- You Can't Make Old Friends
Rolling Stones, The -- 12 X 5
Rolling Stones, The -- A Bigger Bang
Rolling Stones, The -- Aftermath
Rolling Stones, The -- Beggars Banquet
Rolling Stones, The -- Between The Buttons
Rolling Stones, The -- Black And Blue
Rolling Stones, The -- Blue & Lonesome
Rolling Stones, The -- Bridges To Babylon
Rolling Stones, The -- Classic Hits
Rolling Stones, The -- December's Children
Rolling Stones, The -- Dirty Work
Rolling Stones, The -- Emotional Rescue
Rolling Stones, The -- Exile On Main Street
Rolling Stones, The -- Goats Head Soup
Rolling Stones, The -- It's Only Rock 'n Roll
Rolling Stones, The -- Let It Bleed
Rolling Stones, The -- Love You Live
Rolling Stones, The -- Made In The Shade
Rolling Stones, The -- Metamorphosis
Rolling Stones, The -- Out Of Our Heads
Rolling Stones, The -- Rock And Roll Circus
Rolling Stones, The -- Rolling Stones No.2, The
Rolling Stones, The -- Rolling Stones, The
Rolling Stones, The -- Some Girls
Rolling Stones, The -- Steel Wheels
Rolling Stones, The -- Sticky Fingers
Rolling Stones, The -- Tattoo You
Rolling Stones, The -- Their Satanic Majesties Request
Rolling Stones, The -- Totally Stripped
Rolling Stones, The -- Undercover
Rolling Stones, The -- Voodoo Lounge
Rollins, Sonny -- Saxophone Colossus
Romantic Rebel -- Romantic Rebel
Romeo, Max -- Fari - Captain Of My Ship
Romeo's Daughter -- Delectable
Romeo's Daughter -- Rapture
Romeo's Daughter -- Romeo's Daughter
Romeo's Daughter -- Spin
Ronen, Brent -- Harvey & Luella
Ronson, Mick -- Play Don't Worry
Ronson, Mick -- Slaughter On 10th Avenue
Ronstadt, Linda -- Canciones de Mi Padre
Ronstadt, Linda -- Cry Like A Rainstorm, Howl Like The Wind
Ronstadt, Linda -- Dedicated To The One I Love
Ronstadt, Linda -- Different Drum
Ronstadt, Linda -- Duets
Ronstadt, Linda -- Feels Like Home
Ronstadt, Linda -- For Sentimental Reasons
Ronstadt, Linda -- Hand Sown... Home Grown
Ronstadt, Linda -- Heart Like A Wheel
Ronstadt, Linda -- Hummin' To Myself
Ronstadt, Linda -- Linda Ronstadt
Ronstadt, Linda -- Living In The USA
Ronstadt, Linda -- Lush Life
Ronstadt, Linda -- Mas Canciones
Ronstadt, Linda -- Prenesi
Ronstadt, Linda -- Silk Purse
Ronstadt, Linda -- Silver Threads
Ronstadt, Linda -- Very Best Of Linda Ronstadt, The
Ronstadt, Linda -- We Ran
Ronstadt, Linda -- What's New
Ronstadt, Linda -- Winter Night
Ronstadt, Linda With Country Gazette -- 'Tis A Gift
Ronstadt, Linda & Ann Savoy -- Adieu False Heart
Ronstadt, Linda & Emmylou Harris -- Western Wall: The Tucson Sessions
Roper, Jesse -- Red Bird
Rose -- A Taste Of Neptune
Rose Tattoo -- Never Too Loud
Rose Tattoo -- Rose Tattoo
Rose, Tim -- Tim Rose
Rosenfield, Avi -- Very Heepy Very Purple
Ross -- Ross
Ross, Diana & Marvin Gaye -- Diana & Marvin
Rossdale, Gavin -- Wanderlust
Rossi, Walter -- All The Best
Rossington -- Returned To The Scene Of The Crime
Rossington -- Take It On Faith
Rossington Band, The -- Love Your Man
Rossington Collins Band -- Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
Rossington Collins Band -- This Is The Way
Roth, David Lee -- A Little Ain't Enough
Roth, David Lee -- Diamond Dave
Roth, David Lee -- DLR Band
Roth, David Lee -- Eat 'Em And Smile
Roth, David Lee -- Skyscraper
Roth, David Lee -- Your Filthy Little Mind
Rough Diamond -- Rough Diamond
Rowan, Peter -- Dharma Blues
Rowan, Peter -- Medicine Trail
Rowan, Peter -- Peter Rowan
Rowan, Peter -- Texican Badman
Rowan, Peter -- Walls Of Time, The
Roxette -- Charm School
Roxette -- Crash! Boom! Bang!
Roxette -- Dance Passion
Roxette -- Good Karma
Roxette -- Have A Nice Day
Roxette -- Joyride
Roxette -- Look Sharp!
Roxette -- Pearls Of Passion
Roxette -- Room Service
Roxette -- Tourism
Roxette -- Travelling
Roxy Music -- Avalon
Roxy Music -- Country Life
Roxy Music -- Flesh + Blood
Roxy Music -- For Your Pleasure
Roxy Music -- Manifesto
Roxy Music -- Roxy Music
Roxy Music -- Siren
Roxy Music -- Stranded
Royal Blood -- How Did We Get So Dark
Royal Blood -- Royal Blood
Royal Southern Brotherhood -- Don't Look Back: The Muscle Shoals Sessions
Royal Southern Brotherhood -- Heartsoulblood
Royal Southern Brotherhood -- Royal Gospel, The
Royal Southern Brotherhood -- Royal Southern Brotherhood
Royal Southern Brotherhood -- Songs From The Road
Royal Thunder -- Crooked Doors
Royal Thunder -- CVI
Royal Thunder -- Wick
Rucker, Darius -- Back To Then
Rucker, Darius -- Charleston, SC 1966
Rucker, Darius -- Home For The Holidays
Rucker, Darius -- Learn To Live
Rucker, Darius -- Southern Style
Rucker, Darius -- True Believers
Rucker, Darius -- When Was The Last Time
Rudd, Phil -- Head Job
Runaway Sidecars -- She Wanted A Car
Runaways, The -- And Now... The Beginning
Runaways, The -- Born To Be Bad
Runaways, The -- Live In Japan
Runaways, The -- Queens Of Noise
Runaways, The -- Runaways, The
Runaways, The -- Waitin' For The Night
Runaways, The -- Young And Fast
Rundgren, Todd -- A Wizard, A True Star
Rundgren, Todd -- Global
Rundgren, Todd -- Hermit Of Mink Hollow
Rundgren, Todd -- Initiation
Rundgren, Todd -- Something/Anything?
Rundgren, Todd -- White Knight
Rupp, Chris -- Shine
Rush -- 2112
Rush -- A Farewell To Kings
Rush -- A Show Of Hands
Rush -- ABC 1974
Rush -- All The World's A Stage
Rush -- Caress Of Steel
Rush -- Clockwork Angels
Rush -- Counterparts
Rush -- Different Stages
Rush -- Exit...Stage Left
Rush -- Feedback
Rush -- Fly By Night
Rush -- Grace Under Pressure
Rush -- Hemispheres
Rush -- Hold Your Fire
Rush -- Moving Pictures
Rush -- Permanent Waves
Rush -- Power Windows
Rush -- Presto
Rush -- R30
Rush -- Replay X3
Rush -- Roll The Bones
Rush -- Rush
Rush -- Rush In Rio
Rush -- Signals
Rush -- Snakes & Arrows
Rush -- Snakes & Arrows Live
Rush -- Test For Echo
Rush -- Vapor Trails
Rush, Tom -- Circle Game, The
Russell, Leon & Friends -- Master Of Space And Time, Live!, The
Russell, Leon -- Bonus Tracks
Russell, Leon -- Carney
Russell, Leon -- Hank Wilson's Back
Russell, Leon -- Leon Live
Russell, Leon -- Leon Russell
Russell, Leon -- Leon Russell & The Shelter People
Russell, Leon -- Life Journey
Russell, Leon -- Stop All That Jazz
Russell, Leon -- Will O' The Wisp
Rutledge, Justin -- Daredevil
Rutles, The -- Archaeology
Rutles, The -- Rutles, The
Rutles, The -- Savage Young Rutles, The
Rutles, The -- Yesterday's Leftovers
Ruts, The -- Crack, The
Ruts, The -- Live And Loud!!
Ruts, The -- Live And Loud!!
Ryder, Deb -- Let It Rain
Ryder, Mitch -- Acquitted Idiot, The

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