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Hackett, John -- Another Life
Hackett, John & Steve Hackett -- Sketches Of Satie
Hackett, Steve -- A Midsummer Night's Dream
Hackett, Steve -- Bay Of Kings
Hackett, Steve -- Beyond The Shrouded Horizon
Hackett, Steve -- Blues With A Feeling
Hackett, Steve -- Cured
Hackett, Steve -- Darktown
Hackett, Steve -- Defector
Hackett, Steve -- Feedback 86
Hackett, Steve -- Genesis Revisited
Hackett, Steve -- Genesis Revisited: Live At Hammersmith
Hackett, Steve -- Genesis Revisited: Live At The Royal Albert Hall
Hackett, Steve -- Genesis Revisited II
Hackett, Steve -- Genesis Revisited II: Selection
Hackett, Steve -- Guitar Noir
Hackett, Steve -- Highly Strung
Hackett, Steve -- Live Rails
Hackett, Steve -- Metamorpheus
Hackett, Steve -- Momentum
Hackett, Steve -- Night Siren, The
Hackett, Steve -- Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth
Hackett, Steve -- Please Don't Touch!
Hackett, Steve -- Spectral Mornings
Hackett, Steve -- Till We Have Faces
Hackett, Steve -- To Watch The Storms
Hackett, Steve -- Tokyo Tapes, The
Hackett, Steve -- Tribute
Hackett, Steve -- Voyage Of The Acolyte
Hackett, Steve -- Wild Orchids
Hackett, Steve -- Wolflight
Hackett, Steve -- Wuthering Nights: Live In Birmingham
Haddaway -- Album, The
Hager, Greg -- In The Valley Below
Haggard, Merle -- Down Every Road
Halestorm -- Breaking The Silence (EP)
Halestorm -- Don't Mess With The Time Man (EP)
Halestorm -- Halestorm
Halestorm -- Hello, It's Mz Hyde (EP)
Halestorm -- In The Live Room (EP)
Halestorm -- Into The Wild Life
Halestorm -- Live In Philly 2010
Halestorm -- One And Done (EP)
Halestorm -- ReAniMate: The CoVeRs eP (EP)
Halestorm -- ReAniMate 2.0: The CoVeRs eP (EP)
Halestorm -- ReAniMate 3.0: The CoVeRs eP (EP)
Halestorm -- Strange Case Of..., The
Hall & Oates -- Big Bam Boom
Hall & Oates -- Bigger Than Both Of Us
Hall & Oates -- Daryl Hall & John Oates
Hall & Oates -- H2O
Hall & Oates -- Private Eyes
Hall & Oates -- Voices
Hall & Oates -- Whole Oats
Halliwell, Geri -- Schizophonic
Halliwell, Geri -- Scream If You Wanna Go Faster
Hamilton, Lewis -- Ghost Train
Hammer Of The Gods -- Two Nights In New York City (Tribute To Led Zeppelin)
Hammond, Beres -- A Day In The Life
Hammond, Beres -- Beres Hammond
Hammond, Beres -- In Control
Hannibal -- Hannibal
Hard Meat -- Hard Meat
Hard Meat -- Through A Window
Hardin, Tim -- Bird On A Wire
Hardin, Tim -- Suite For Susan Moore
Hardin, Tim -- This Is Tim Hardin
Hardin, Tim -- Tim Hardin 1
Hardin, Tim -- Tim Hardin 2
Hardin, Tim -- Tim Hardin 3 Live In Concert
Hardin, Tim -- Tim Hardin 4
Hardin, Tim -- Unforgiven
Hardline -- Danger Zone
Hardline -- Double Eclipse
Hardline -- Human Nature
Hardline -- II
Hardline -- Leaving The End Open
Hardline -- Live At The Gods Festival 2002
Hardpan -- Hardpan
Harley, Steve -- Candidate, The
Harley, Steve -- Hobo With A Grin
Harman, Jo -- Dirt On My Tongue
Harman, Jo -- Live At Hideaway
Harman, Jo -- Live At The Royal Albert Hall
Harper, Ben & Charlie Musselwhite -- No Mercy In This Land
Harper, Rochelle -- Lilt
Harper, Roy -- Born In Captivity
Harper, Roy -- Bullinamingvase
Harper, Roy -- Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith
Harper, Roy -- Death Or Glory?
Harper, Roy -- Descendants Of Smith
Harper, Roy -- Dream Society, The
Harper, Roy -- Flat Baroque And Berserk
Harper, Roy -- Folkjokeopus
Harper, Roy -- Green Man, The
Harper, Roy -- HQ
Harper, Roy -- Lifemask
Harper, Roy -- Loony On The Bus
Harper, Roy -- Man & Myth
Harper, Roy -- Once
Harper, Roy -- Sophisticated Beggar
Harper, Roy -- Stormcock
Harper, Roy -- Unknown Soldier, The
Harper, Roy -- Valentine
Harper, Roy -- Work Of Heart
Harper, Roy & Jimmy Page -- Whatever Happened To Jugula?
Harris, Emmylou -- All I Intended To Be
Harris, Emmylou -- Angel Band
Harris, Emmylou -- Anthology
Harris, Emmylou -- Ballad Of Sally Rose, The
Harris, Emmylou -- Blue Kentucky Girl
Harris, Emmylou -- Bluebird
Harris, Emmylou -- Brand New Dance
Harris, Emmylou -- Cimarron
Harris, Emmylou -- Cowgirl's Prayer
Harris, Emmylou -- Duets
Harris, Emmylou -- Elite Hotel
Harris, Emmylou -- Evangeline
Harris, Emmylou -- Gliding Bird
Harris, Emmylou -- Hard Bargain
Harris, Emmylou -- Last Date
Harris, Emmylou -- Luxury Liner
Harris, Emmylou -- Pieces Of The Sky
Harris, Emmylou -- Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town
Harris, Emmylou -- Red Dirt Girl
Harris, Emmylou -- Roses In The Snow
Harris, Emmylou -- Stumble Into Grace
Harris, Emmylou -- Thirteen
Harris, Emmylou -- White Shoes
Harris, Emmylou -- Wrecking Ball
Harris, Emmylou & Rodney Crowell -- Old Yellow Moon
Harris, Emmylou & Rodney Crowell -- Traveling Kind, The
Harris, Emmylou, Linda Ronstadt & Dolly Parton -- Trio
Harris, Emmylou, Linda Ronstadt & Dolly Parton -- Trio II
Harris, Jerry -- Reggae Rootsman
Harris, Lauren -- Calm Before The Storm
Harris, Steve -- British Lion
Harrison, George -- All Things Must Pass
Harrison, George -- Brainwashed
Harrison, George -- Cloud Nine
Harrison, George -- Dark Horse
Harrison, George -- Electronic Sound
Harrison, George -- Extra Texture
Harrison, George -- George Harrison
Harrison, George -- Gone Troppo
Harrison, George -- Live In Japan
Harrison, George -- Living In The Material World
Harrison, George -- Somewhere In England
Harrison, George -- Thirty Three & One Third
Harrison, George -- Wonderwall Music
Harrison, George And Friends -- Concert For Bangladesh
Hart, Alex -- On This Day
Hart, Beth -- 37 Days
Hart, Beth -- Bang Bang Boom Boom
Hart, Beth -- Beth Hart & The Ocean Of Souls
Hart, Beth -- Better Than Home
Hart, Beth -- Fire On The Floor
Hart, Beth -- Front And Center: Live From New York
Hart, Beth -- Immortal
Hart, Beth -- Leave The Light On
Hart, Beth -- Live At Paradiso
Hart, Beth -- Live In Germany
Hart, Beth -- My California
Hart, Beth -- Screamin' For My Supper
Hart, Beth & Joe Bonamassa -- Black Coffee
Hart, Beth & Joe Bonamassa -- Don't Explain
Hart, Beth & Joe Bonamassa -- Live In Amsterdam
Hart, Beth & Joe Bonamassa -- Seesaw
Hart, Mickey -- Rolling Thunder
Hart, Robert -- Cries And Whispers
Hart, Robert -- Robert Hart
Hartley, Keef -- Lancashire Hustler
Harvey, Alex -- Alex Harvey And His Soul Band
Harvey, Alex -- Blues, The
Harvey, Alex -- Hair Rave Up
Harvey, Alex -- Joker Is Wild, The
Harvey, Alex -- Mafia Stole My Guitar, The
Harvey, Alex -- Roman Wall Blues
Harvey, Alex -- Soldier On The Wall, The
Havens, Richie -- Alarm Clock
Havens, Richie -- Common Ground
Havens, Richie -- Connections
Havens, Richie -- Cuts To The Chase
Havens, Richie -- Mixed Bag
Havens, Richie -- Nobody Left To Crown
Havens, Richie -- Stonehenge
Hawkins, Dale -- L.A., Memphis & Tyler, Texas
Hawkins, Ronnie -- Folk Ballads Of Ronnie Hawkins, The
Hawkins, Ronnie -- Mr Dynamo
Hawkins, Ronnie -- Ronnie Hawkins
Hawklords -- 25 Years On
Hawkwind -- Alien 4
Hawkwind -- Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music
Hawkwind -- Blood Of The Earth
Hawkwind -- Bring Me The Head Of Yuri Gagarin
Hawkwind -- Choose Your Masques
Hawkwind -- Chronicle Of The Black Sword, The
Hawkwind -- Collection, The
Hawkwind -- Distant Horizons
Hawkwind -- Doremi Fasol Latido
Hawkwind -- Electric Tepee
Hawkwind -- Hall Of The Mountain Grill
Hawkwind -- Hawkwind
Hawkwind -- In Search Of Space
Hawkwind -- In Your Area
Hawkwind -- Into The Woods
Hawkwind -- It Is The Business Of The Future To Be Dangerous
Hawkwind -- Machine Stops, The
Hawkwind -- Levitation
Hawkwind -- Masters Of The Universe
Hawkwind -- Onward
Hawkwind -- PXR5
Hawkwind -- Quark, Strangeness And Charm
Hawkwind -- Sonic Attack
Hawkwind -- Space Bandits
Hawkwind -- Space Ritual
Hawkwind -- Spacebrock
Hawkwind -- Spacehawks
Hawkwind -- Take Me To Your Future
Hawkwind -- Take Me To Your Leader
Hawkwind -- Warrior On The Edge Of Time
Hawkwind -- Xenon Code, The
Hawkwind Light Orchestra -- Stellar Variations
Hay, Colin -- American Sunshine
Hay, Colin -- Are You Lookin' At Me
Hay, Colin -- Company Of Strangers
Hay, Colin -- Fierce Mercy
Hay, Colin -- Going Somewhere
Hay, Colin -- Man @ Work
Hay, Colin -- Men At Work
Hay, Colin -- Next Year People
Hay, Colin -- Peaks & Valleys
Hay, Colin -- Topanga
Hay, Colin -- Transcendental Highway
Hayes, Isaac -- Isaac's Moods: The Best Of Isaac Hayes
Hayes Hunter -- Hunter Hayes (Encore)
Hayes Hunter -- Storyline
Haynes, Warren featuring RailRoad Earth -- Ashes & Dust
Hayseed Dixie -- Free Your Mind... And Your Grass Will Follow
Hayseed Dixie -- Hair Down To My Grass
Hayward, Justin -- All The Way
Hayward, Justin -- Moving Mountains
Hayward, Justin -- Night Flight
Hayward, Justin -- Songwriter
Hayward, Justin -- View From The Hill, The
Hayward, Justin & John Lodge -- Blue Jays
Hayward, Justin & Mike Batt -- Classic Blue
Head Hands & Feet -- Head Hands & Feet
Head Hands & Feet -- Old Soldiers Never Die
Head Hands & Feet -- Tracks...Plus
Head Over Heels -- Head Over Heels
Head, Murray -- Between Us
Head, Murray -- Say It Ain't So
Headpins -- Line Of Fire
Headpins -- Turn It Loud
Headstone -- Bad Habits
Headstone -- Headstone
Healey, Jeff -- Adventures In Jazzland
Healey, Jeff -- Cover To Cover
Healey, Jeff -- Feel This
Healey, Jeff -- Get Me Some
Healey, Jeff -- Heal My Soul
Healey, Jeff -- Hell To Pay
Healey, Jeff -- It's Tight Like That
Healey, Jeff -- Last Call
Healey, Jeff -- Live At Montreaux
Healey, Jeff -- Mess Of Blues
Healey, Jeff -- See The Light
Healey, Jeff -- Songs From The Road
Heart -- Bad Animals
Heart -- Beautiful Broken
Heart -- Bebe Le Strange
Heart -- Boston Music Hall 1979
Heart -- Brigade
Heart -- Desire Walks On
Heart -- Dog And Butterfly
Heart -- Dreamboat Annie
Heart -- Dreamboat Annie Live
Heart -- Essential Heart, The
Heart -- Fanatic
Heart -- Heart
Heart -- Jupiter's Darling
Heart -- Little Queen
Heart -- Magazine
Heart -- Passionworks
Heart -- Private Audition
Heart -- Red Velvet Car
Heart -- Road Home, The
Heart -- Rock The House Live!
Heart -- These Dreams: Greatest Hits
Hearts & Flowers -- Now Is The Time For Hearts & Flowers
Hearts & Flowers -- Of Horses, Kids & Forgotten Women
Heartsfield -- Heartsfield
Heartsfield -- Wonder Of It All, The
Heaven & Earth -- Dig
Heaven And Hell -- Devil You Know, The
Hedgehog Pie -- Hedgehog Pie
Hedningarna -- Kaksi!
Helion Prime -- Helion Prime
Hell Drivers -- Songs Of Roads And Love And Hate
Helloween -- Live In The UK
Helm, Levon -- American Son
Helm, Levon -- Levon Helm (1978)
Hemlock -- Hemlock
Hendrix, Jimi -- Are You Experienced?
Hendrix, Jimi -- Axis-Bold As Love
Hendrix, Jimi -- Band Of Gypsys
Hendrix, Jimi -- Blues
Hendrix, Jimi -- Crash Landing
Hendrix, Jimi -- Cry Of Love, The
Hendrix, Jimi -- Electric Ladyland
Hendrix, Jimi -- First Rays Of The New Rising Sun
Hendrix, Jimi -- Experience
Hendrix, Jimi -- Midnight Lightning
Hendrix, Jimi -- People, Hell And Angels
Hendrix, Jimi -- Radio One
Hendrix, Jimi -- Rainbow Bridge
Hendrix, Jimi -- South Saturn Delta
Hendrix, Jimi -- Valleys Of Neptune
Hendrix, Jimi -- Voodoo Soup
Hendrix, Jimi -- War Heroes
Hendrix, Terri -- Slaughterhouse Sessions: Project 5.2, The
Henley, Don -- Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits
Henley, Don -- Building the Perfect Beast
Henley, Don -- Cass County
Henley, Don -- End Of The Innocence, The
Henley, Don -- I Can't Stand Still
Henley, Don -- Inside Job
Henley, Don -- One Of These Nights
Henry, Lenny -- New Millennium Blues
Her & Kings County -- Raise A Little Hell
Hersey, Iain Ashley -- Fallen Angel
Hersey, Iain Ashley -- Holy Grail, The
Hersey, Iain Ashley -- Noman
Hiatt, John -- All Of A Sudden
Hiatt, John -- Beneath This Gruff Exterior
Hiatt, John -- Bring The Family
Hiatt, John -- Crossing Muddy Waters
Hiatt, John -- Dirty Jeans And Mudslide Hymns
Hiatt, John -- Hangin' Around The Observatory
Hiatt, John -- Here To Stay: Best Of 2000-2012
Hiatt, John -- Hiatt Comes Alive At Budokan
Hiatt, John -- Little Head
Hiatt, John -- Master Of Disaster
Hiatt, John -- Mystic Pinball
Hiatt, John -- Open Road, The
Hiatt, John -- Overcoats
Hiatt, John -- Perfectly Good Guitar
Hiatt, John -- Riding With The King
Hiatt, John -- Same Old Man
Hiatt, John -- Slow Turning
Hiatt, John -- Slug Line
Hiatt, John -- Stolen Moments
Hiatt, John -- Terms Of My Surrender
Hiatt, John -- Tiki Bar Is Open, The
Hiatt, John -- Two Bit Monsters
Hiatt, John -- Walk On
Hiatt, John -- Warming Up To The Ice Age
Higgins, Gary -- Red Hash
High Tide -- Flood, The
High Tide -- High Tide
High Tide -- Precious Cargo
High Tide -- Sea Shanties
Highway 61 -- Long Way From Home
Highwaymen, The -- American Outlaws Live
Highwaymen, The -- Highwayman
Highwaymen, The -- Highwayman 2
Highwaymen, The -- Road Goes On Forever, The
Hill, Barbata & Ethridge -- L.A. Getaway
Hill, Eric -- Darkness Falls
Hill, Faith -- Breathe
Hill, Faith -- Cry
Hill, Faith -- Faith
Hill, Faith -- Deep Tracks
Hill, Faith -- Fireflies
Hill, Faith -- It Matters To Me
Hill, Faith -- Joy To The World
Hill, Faith -- Take Me As I Am
Hill, Faith -- There You'll Be
Hill, Lauryn -- Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill, The
Hill, Nikki -- Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists
Hillage, Steve -- Aura
Hillage, Steve -- Fish Rising
Hillage, Steve -- For To Next & And Not Or
Hillage, Steve -- Green
Hillage, Steve -- L
Hillage, Steve -- Motivation Radio
Hillage, Steve -- Open
Hillage, Steve -- Rainbow Dome Musick
Hillmen, The -- Hillmen, The
Hindu Love Gods -- Hindu Love Gods
Hoff, Joellen -- Southern Comfort
Hogjaw -- Rise To The Mountains
Hole -- Celebrity Skin
Hole -- Live Through This
Hole -- Pretty On The Inside
Holiday, Billie -- Lady in Satin
Holiday, Billie -- Lady Sings The Blues
Holiday, Billie -- Lo Mejor De Billie Holiday
Holiday, Billie -- One And Only From Baltimore, The
Hollywood Vampires -- Hollywood Vampires
Holt, John -- 1000 Volts Of Holt
Holy Moses -- Holy Moses!!
Honeybadger -- Mondays
Honeydrippers, The -- Honeydrippers: Volume One, The
Hoodoo Gurus -- Crank
Hooker, Archie Lee -- New Church Of The Blues
Hooker, John Lee -- Big Soul Of John Lee Hooker, The
Hooker, John Lee -- Boogie Man, The
Hooker, John Lee -- Burning Hell
Hooker, John Lee -- Healer, The
Hooker, John Lee -- It Serve You Right To Suffer
Hooker, John Lee -- Jack O' Diamonds: 1949 Recordings
Hooker, John Lee -- John Lee Hooker
Hooker, John Lee -- Kabuki Wuki
Hooker, John Lee -- Raised Up In Mississippi
Hooker, John Lee -- Urban Blues
Hooker, John Lee -- With John Mayall & Groundhogs
Hooker, John Lee & Van Morrison -- Together
Hookfoot -- A Piece Of Pye
Hookfoot -- Communication
Hookfoot -- Good Times A' Comin'
Hookfoot -- Hookfoot
Hookfoot -- Roaring
Hooters, The -- Amore
Hooters, The -- Nervous Night
Hooters, The -- One Way Home
Hooters, The -- Out Of Body
Hooters, The -- Time Stand Still
Hooters, The -- Zig Zag
Hootie & The Blowfish -- Cracked Rear View
Hootie & The Blowfish -- Fairweather Johnson
Hootie & The Blowfish -- Hootie & The Blowfish
Hootie & The Blowfish -- Looking For Lucky
Hootie & The Blowfish -- Musical Chairs
Hornsby, Bruce -- A Night On The Town
Hornsby, Bruce -- Halcyon
Hornsby, Bruce -- Harbor Lights
Hornsby, Bruce -- Hot House
Hornsby, Bruce -- Rehab Reunion
Hornsby, Bruce -- Scenes From The Southside
Hornsby, Bruce -- Way It Is, The
Horse Thief -- Fear In Bliss
Horslips -- Book Of Invasions: A Celtic Symphony, The
Horslips -- Tain, The
Hot Tuna -- Burgers
Hot Tuna -- First Pull Up, Then Pull Down
Hot Tuna -- Hot Tuna
Hour Glass, The -- Hour Glass, The
Hour Glass, The -- Power Of Love
Hourglass -- Subconscious
Hoven Droven -- Grov
Howe II -- High Gear
Howe II -- Now Hear This
Howe, Greg -- Ascend
Howe, Greg -- Five
Howe, Greg -- Greg Howe
Howe, Greg -- Hyperacuity
Howe, Greg -- Introspection
Howe, Greg -- Parallax
Howe, Greg -- Sound Proof
Howe, Greg -- Uncertain Terms
Howe, Greg -- Wheelhouse
Howe, Greg, Victor Wooten & Dennis Chambers -- Extraction
Howe, Steve & Bodast -- Early Years, The
Howe, Steve & Martin Taylor -- Masterpiece Guitars
Howe, Steve -- Beginnings
Howe, Steve -- Grand Scheme Of Things, The
Howe, Steve -- Haunted Melody, The
Howe, Steve -- Homebrew
Howe, Steve -- Homebrew 2
Howe, Steve -- Homebrew 3
Howe, Steve -- Homebrew 4
Howe, Steve -- Homebrew 5
Howe, Steve -- Homebrew 6
Howe, Steve -- Light Walls
Howe, Steve -- Mothballs
Howe, Steve -- Motif Volume 1
Howe, Steve -- Natural Timbre
Howe, Steve -- Not Necessarily Acoustic
Howe, Steve -- Portraits Of Bob Dylan
Howe, Steve -- Pulling Strings: Live In America
Howe, Steve -- Quantum Guitar
Howe, Steve -- Skyline
Howe, Steve -- Spectrum
Howe, Steve -- Steve Howe Album, The
Howe, Steve -- Time
Howe, Steve -- Turbulence
Howe, Virgil & Steve -- Nexus
Howling Black Soul -- Howling Black Soul
Howling Owl -- Let The Dog See The Rabbit
Howlin' Wolf -- Back Door Wolf, The
Howlin' Wolf -- Big City Blues
Howlin' Wolf -- Cadillac Daddy
Howlin' Wolf -- Change My Way
Howlin' Wolf -- Complete RPM & Chess Singles As & Bs 1951-62, The
Howlin' Wolf -- His Best
Howlin' Wolf -- Howlin' Wolf
Howlin' Wolf -- Howlin' Wolf Album, The
Howlin' Wolf -- Live And Cookin' At Alice's Revisited
Howlin' Wolf -- Live In Cambridge, MA. 1966
Howlin' Wolf -- London Howlin' Wolf Sessions, The
Howlin' Wolf -- London Revisited
Howlin' Wolf -- Message To The Young
Howlin' Wolf -- Moanin' In The Moonlight
Howlin' Wolf -- More Real Folk Blues
Howlin' Wolf -- Real Folk Blues, The
Howlin' Wolf -- Rockin' The Blues Live In Germany 1964
Howlin' Wolf -- Sings The Blues
Howlin' Wolf -- Smokestack Lightning
Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters & Bo Diddley -- Super Super Blues Band, The
Hoyle, Linda -- Fetch, The
Hoyle, Linda -- Pieces Of Me
Huckle -- Once Upon A Time
Huckle -- Wild Blue Yonder
Hue And Cry -- Remote
Hughes Thrall -- Hughes Thrall
Hughes Turner Project -- HTP
Hughes Turner Project -- HTP 2
Hughes, Gary -- Gary Hughes
Hughes, Gary -- Once And Future King: Part I
Hughes, Gary -- Once And Future King: Part II
Hughes, Gary -- Veritas
Hughes, Glenn -- A Soulful Christmas
Hughes, Glenn -- Addiction
Hughes, Glenn -- Building The Machine
Hughes, Glenn -- Feel
Hughes, Glenn -- First Underground Nuclear Kitchen
Hughes, Glenn -- From Now On...
Hughes, Glenn -- L.A. Blues Authority Volume II: Glenn Hughes - Blues
Hughes, Glenn -- Music For The Divine
Hughes, Glenn -- Play Me Out
Hughes, Glenn -- Resonate
Hughes, Glenn -- Return Of Crystal Karma
Hughes, Glenn -- Songs In The Key Of Rock
Hughes, Glenn -- Soul Mover
Hughes, Glenn -- Way It Is, The
Hughes, Jimmy -- Steal Away
Hughes, Jimmy -- Why Not Tonight
Hull, Alan -- Phantoms
Humble Pie -- As Safe As Yesterday Is
Humble Pie -- Back On Track
Humble Pie -- Eat It
Humble Pie -- Go For The Throat
Humble Pie -- Humble Pie
Humble Pie -- Natural Born Bugie
Humble Pie -- On To Victory
Humble Pie -- Rock On
Humble Pie -- Smokin'
Humble Pie -- Street Rats
Humble Pie -- Thunderbox
Humble Pie -- Town And Country
Hundred Reasons -- Ideas Above Our Station
Hundred Seventy Split -- H.S.S.
Hundred Seventy Split -- Road, The
Hundred Seventy Split -- World Won't Stop, The
Hungry Wolf -- Hungry Wolf
Hunnigale, Peter -- Silly Habits
Hunt, Brett -- Dangerous Currents
Hunter, Ian -- All American Alien Boy
Hunter, Ian -- Ian Hunter
Hunter, Robert -- Tales Of The Great Rum Runners
Hunter, Steve -- Swept Away
Hustler -- Play Loud
Hydra -- Hydra
Hydra -- Land Of Money
Hydra -- Rock The World

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